Victims champ at Lancaster leisure hub for power talk

Dr Sara Payne will be visiting Salt Ayre Leisure Centre.Dr Sara Payne will be visiting Salt Ayre Leisure Centre.
Dr Sara Payne will be visiting Salt Ayre Leisure Centre.
An award winning campaigner is coming to Lancaster to inspire people to take up exexercise.

Former Victims’ Champion Dr Sara Payne MBE, mother of murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne, will be visiting Salt Ayre Leisure Centre on July 2 as part of a special educational event to raise awareness of the centre’s innovative power-assisted exercise facility.

Following the severe physical effects from a stroke eight years ago (which left Sara with left side paralysis), Dr Sara Payne MBE will shed light on her fight to regain her independence & mobility via power assisted exercise.

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Sara said: “The stroke was just devastating. I was working as Victims’ Champion under Gordon Brown’s Government at the time, so my job was pretty intense and involved working with people at the very highest level of authority helping to change and make laws.

“And after waking up from the stroke my communication skills were limited, it even took me six months to train my brain to send an email. Needless to say the stroke wiped out my ability to work overnight.”

The physical rehabilitation support she received was often sporadic and inconsistent, which took a very real toll on her recovery.

Sara put out a call for help.

She said: “That is when I discovered the benefits of power assisted exercise, which has helped to improve my mobility, posture and given me greater confidence to continue the fight in my stroke recovery.”

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Salt Ayre Leisure Centre has a 10 piece power assisted exercise circuit.

The event is on July 2, 6.30pm to 8pm and is open to healthcare professionals and the public who have an interest in exercise, and physical rehabilitation.