Clothing review: La Sportiva Stick It climbing shoes for children

Children are like monkeys when it comes to climbing. Agile and able to twist and turn their bodies in ways only us oldies can dream about.

Wednesday, 9th December 2015, 3:17 pm
La Sportiva Stick It climbing shoes for children

So when Ruaridh (8) decided he want to try climbing for real and not just in the gym at school, I had to take it seriously. After all, I would have to go too!

We agreed we would go slowly to allow my old bones to adjust. And Ruaridh needed proper shoes to ensure he could whizz up and down the practice wall like a nimble footed monkey.

Italian manufacturers La Sportiva are experts when it comes to designing and manufacturing sporting shoes. And the Stick it range for children is brilliant.

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The shoes are designed to ensure that growing children don't have to cast away their shoes too quickly. The lacing system allows the heel of the shoe to adjust so you can get the best fit and buy less shoes. And the lace which wraps around the heel can be easily shortened or lengthened with a simple knot.

Ruaridh loved the cool yellow and green sleek leather shoes and he said they were like slippers, all soft and stretchy.

And judging by the speed he flew up the giant climbing wall, they did just the job.

As for me, I am still trying to get past the first notch!

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