Top prize for ‘beautiful’ photo

Darren Andrews.
Darren Andrews.

A Lancaster photographer has made a splash - winning first prize in Live at LICA’s ‘water’

themed photo competition.

Darren Andrews was awarded first place with his piece ‘Interference’ depicting a leaf fallen in oil.

Live at LICA, based at Lancaster University, challenged Lancaster and Morecambe residents to send in photography images relating to water.

The competition was launched to celebrate the current ‘Museum of Water’ exhibition at The Storey in Lancaster

Jonathan Bean, from BeanPhoto, judged the entries on behalf of Live at LICA.

He said: “Darren’s photo was a standout winner for me, simple, beautiful, extremely well observed and well handled.”

Jonathan Bean also selected entries by Chris Dale and Christina Quine for praise acknowledging their photos with a ‘Highly Commended’ recognition.