Sounds in Shlo-motion

editorial image

AWARD-winning beatboxer Shlomo took to the stage at the Dukes on Saturday night with some vocal acrobatics that left the audience in a bit of a spin.

To say the least, the man’s got talent, and he’s certainly not shy about admitting it, being a self proclaimed show off, you could tell he very much enjoyed having the stage all to himself...and his machine.

We were treated to renditions of Sweet Dreams and Lovely Day, with each layer of sound coming from only one place - Shlomo’s mouth, fed into his Loopstation machine, with staggeringly good results.

There was also some Jackson Five thrown in there, alongside tales of Shlomo’s youth, the 10 composites of beatboxing and some rather excellent original material as well.

See the Lancaster Guardian (25-02-11) for full story.