Sisters are brains behind mirror images

Sisters Ellen, Grace and Lily Turner.
Sisters Ellen, Grace and Lily Turner.

Three sisters will host an exhibition like no other in Lancaster this month.

Mirrored Minds, which takes place at The Dukes, will combine live performance, film and visual art to give visitors a rare glimpse into the process behind performance.

The residency by Turnaround Dance Theatre was set up by sisters Ellen, Grace and Lily Turner.

It will document the creation of a dance performance by Ellen and Grace, choreographed by Lily, during the week beginning January 12.

The gallery will be open to visitors to witness the creative process leading to a live performance on January 16. The exhibition runs until January 25.

As part of the residency, Ellen will create work for the exhibition along with artist Karolina Szymkiewicz while guest artist Lizzie Croucher will paint the movement in real time to create her own work.

Also, Lily will present a selection of private notes so audiences can get a full insight into the thought process behind the duet and a film will be presented showing the story of this work.

The exhibition and performance will explore how we use mirror neurons in our brain to learn, recognise and empathise with one another.

Lily began investigating mirror neurons in 2009 as part of her degree studies, questioning whether they could be used in dance to stimulate a response from audiences.

The Turner sisters, who grew up in the Lancaster area, have worked together since they were children, entering choreography competitions but Mirrored Minds is the first piece they have created as TurnAround Dance Theatre.

The sisters are all professional dance artists though Ellen is also a visual artist, Grace is an aerialist and Lily is training to be a sport masseuse.

Mirrored Minds runs until January 25 and can be viewed in The Dukes gallery during normal Dukes opening hours.

For more information, ring 01524 598500 or visit