Simon Cowell day in Lancaster gives young talent somewhere_to play

Howard Ellis performing during the somewhere_to festival. Photo by Steve Pendrill.
Howard Ellis performing during the somewhere_to festival. Photo by Steve Pendrill.

Performers came from all over the region to Lancaster to show off their musical talents as part of the somewhere_to festival.

More importantly they were singing to Eddie Evelyn-Hall, a talent scout for Simon Cowell’s SYCO Entertainment.

Eddie has previously travelled up and down the country to look for talent to be put on TV shows such as Britain’s Got Talent and X-Factor.

The event on Thursday, July 24 was part a festival which has run simultaneously in five other UK cities (Aberystwyth, Antrim, Glasgow, Leicester and London) and provides 16-25 year olds with the space to realise their potential.

Somewhereto_ is a UK legacy project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund,

The day, based in the Uthink shop in St. Nicholas Arcades, began with performances from young musicians, each playing one cover and one original song, followed by a workshop with Eddie, involving professional feedback.

There were a number of young people auditioning including Howard Ellis, Hairpiece Suite, Tom Mulliner, Britney Quinn, Keeley Baughan, Chloe Howson, Joe Riglar, Joe Haslam, Fred Callaghan, Grace Davies and Schooltrip.

Everyone who performed brought something different for everyone to hear and there was no shortage of enthusiasm.

Not only was there support from organisers and fellow performers, members of the public dropped in to enjoy the mesmerising performances. David James from Lancaster said: “I didn’t know there was a show on today but I’m glad I managed to catch some of the singing.”

There were also chances to buy CDs and albums at the event alongside a variety of T-shirts.

It was a great opportunity for musicians to promote their talent and help them make the next step in achieving their dream.

We heard heavy rock music, rap and contemporary music.

There was a real mixture and something for everyone’s taste.

The penultimate two acts of the event blew it out of the water.

The first was Grace Davies from Langho near Blackburn, who was asked to come down after performing at the Blackburn Canal Festival.

She sung a cover and elegantly performed her original song ‘My Kingdom’ which quite literally left people in tears.

Supporting the 80s style, as she sung, the public stopped in their tracks and came in just to watch her perform – it was truly beautiful. Eddie had nothing bad to say and said she performed so ‘effortlessly’ and it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. It is clear that Grace has a bright future ahead of her.

The last act of the day was a band of five called Schooltrip who were a really tight group of musicians. This could be seen in their mind blowing performance.

They began with a cover by American rapper, Drake, followed by their original song, Time Machine.

Moving to their rhythm, Eddie said they were ‘completely on trend’ and had an in depth conversation with them at the end of the show.

Eddie had feedback for everyone giving them tips on how to improve, how to perform and what makes a good song choice.

Everyone who attended gained from the experience and had the qualities to become good performers and singers.

One thing that no performer lacked was confidence.

It was hard to believe that some of them were as young as 14!

It is clear that there is no shortage of talent in Lancaster.