REVIEW: Gravity 3D, Vue Cinemas, Lancaster (12A)

Sandra Bullock puts forth a huge performance in Gravity.
Sandra Bullock puts forth a huge performance in Gravity.

MICHELLE BLADE writes...If there was ever a film made to watch in 3D and on the big screen, Gravity 3D is it.

The storyline, basic as it is, is more than compensated for with stunning visuals and 3D effects which make it compulsive and enjoyable viewing.

Dr Ryan Stone (played by Sandra Bullock) and astronaut Matt Kowalsky (played by George Clooney) are on a seemingly routine spacewalk but after the shuttle they are on is destroyed, they are left alone in space with seemingly no way back to earth.

Then after more debris strikes them, they are separated altogether and sent spinning out into space. Will either of them make it back to Earth at all?

Well you would have to watch the film to find out but it is a story of suspense with some nailbiting moments.

The moviegoer feels as if they are in space themselves as some scenes are filmed from the perspective of the inside of Dr Ryan Stone’s helmet.

You can hear her breathing getting laboured as she loses oxygen and spins out of control. You can hear the fear in her voice as she realises she has to get back to earth somehow without any help.

This only adds to the overall suspense the film generates.

Director Alfonso Cuaron has succeeded in making a superb film with not much of a storyline and only two actors as pivotal characters, which is no mean feat.

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, two Hollywood legends, both put in great performances in Gravity and Bullock especially must be commended on her gutsy and brave character portrayal.

Although the film had a slightly ‘Hollywood’ ending which was a bit schmaltzy for my liking, I still came away feeling I had seen a brilliant movie.