REVIEW: Goodbye Gunther, Dukes, Lancaster

Frank Wurzinger in Goodbye Gunther.
Frank Wurzinger in Goodbye Gunther.

‘Goodbye Gunther’ was billed as ‘A hilarious one man comedy about death’, and that’s an accurate description.

This hour-long manic monologue, written and performed by German-born Frank Wurzinger and directed by John Wright, was a fast-moving, witty and sometimes chaotic exploration of the ending of one man’s life. Wurzinger’s energetic performance with a diverse collection of some very unlikely props (an electric goldfish, a recalcitrant pill-tray), some beautifully executed body language and mime (vastly undervalued and essential skills for any actor) reminded me of a tradition evident in the work of Monty Python, Tony Hancock, Stan Laurel and Charlie Chaplin.

Wurzinger’s delicately and delightfully balanced text has the rare gift of laughing at the hero/ourselves with charm, vitality and a pathos which is uplifting and dignified.