Review: The Bradshaws, Goosed, Lancaster

Sounds of the radio were brought to life in a night which was filled with belly churning laughter and memories gone by.

Saturday, 31st October 2015, 11:00 am
Buzz Hawkins, creator of The Bradshaws.

The little two-up-two-down home that I envisaged for so long was resurrected right 
before my eyes as the turmoils of the Bradshaws were once more.

For years me and my father would usher Billy Butler to finish talking on BBC Radio Merseyside so we could hear the latest tales of the northern family Alf, Audrey and, of course, little Billy.

Buzz Hawkins’ creation was a family favourite and I would often ask the same awkward questions that required an honest answer from the parents, just like Billy.

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When the voices/characters were brought to life I was able to understand the humour; how demanding yet honest Billy was much to the annoyance of Alf and Audrey.

Simplicity as its best.

The play on words were enough to have me watering at the eyes

Buzz would interject between scenes, singing, playing the guitar, ukuele and banjo, often forgetting his 30-year career in music.

He voiced the characters off stage with the help of the actors on stage.

It followed the story of Billy and his school play, the dramas of rehearsals and an unwanted goose!

Nostalgia was definitely the theme.

Me and dad were watching our lovable radio programme on stage, slightly older, slightly wiser (him more than me) but still pleased as ever. A national treasure in my family history.