Revell Nano Quadcopter review

Revell Nano Quadcopter.
Revell Nano Quadcopter.

With the amount of drones/quadcopters flying around at the moment they are becoming a regular site especially if you live in a war torn area, now even some retailers are thinking of using them ! so what are they all about? Most of the commercial ones on the market are too big to have flying round you`re living room so what`s the alternative?

Well the solution is here with what is billed as the world’s smallest quadcopter and I have been sent out two to try out, and the results are quiet interesting.

First off we have the Revell nano quadcopter retailing at around £30, this thing is tiny measuring 5x5 cm and at first glance looks very fragile, there are 4 tiny replaceable blades (they do break easily) and a small controller that works with two AAA batteries, range is approx. 50 metres and the copter itself is recharged via a USB cable (charge time approx. 40 minutes), which gives you 4-5 minutes flying time (or crashing time in my case)

Now I personally haven`t had much success at flying RC helicopters and the first few flights with this ended up with it crashing into the ceiling or landing behind the sofa, so after a while with a bit of practice I managed to get it to hover and move around, and to be honest it was a bucket load of fun, the left stick is for power and the right stick does all the directional bit and there are two trim switches located on the controller as well.

I must emphasis this is not a toy and not suitable for young kids because it is pretty fast and buzzes around like a demented insect, the flashing LED lights look good and it is pretty tough (apart from the blades) there is a trim function which helps, and it is suitable for indoors and outdoors providing there is no wind.

The Ubsan Q4 nano Quadcopter is basically the same thing as the revell , in looks and performance, it is slightly more expensive retailing at £34.99 but you can pick these up for as little as £19.99 if you look around.


Both these quadcopters are basically the same thing; they both perform well after a while and are great fun to mess around with to be honest the only difference I found was the price and the colour of the quadcopters themselves.

If you are stuck for space and fancy one of these then you can`t go wrong really.

Revell nano quadcopter

Range: 50 m

Charging via the included USB-cable (charging time approx 40 mins)

Flight time about 4 to 5 minutes

suitable for indoor and outdoor without wind

integrated LED lighting

4-channel controller (mode 2) with trim function included

4 spare blades included

£29.99 (varies according to retailer)

Supplied by

Ubsan Q4 nano Quadcopter

Ultra small design With Integrated gyro for stable flying

4-Channel 2.4ghz Radio with digital trim

LED Lights for front and back flying guide

Coreless micro motors With 100mAh 3.7v Lipo battery

USB Charge cord And Spare blades included

Price: £34.99 (varies according to retailer)

Supplied by