Our Heritage: A glimpse into Halton’s past

Halton books.
Halton books.

The history of Halton is revealed through a selection of photographic books about the village which have been lent to the Guardian.

The village has a long and interesting history, and the three books – Halton In Days Gone By – 1875-1945 by Nancy Beck and Bill Hosfield, and A Look At Old Halton Parts One and Two, both compiled by Bill Hosfield – give an in-depth look back at how Halton once looked, and how it has developed over the years.

The original book proved such an instant success, with all 750 copies sold within a few months of publication, that local historian and photographer Bill decided to produce a further series.

These newer books took the format he used in giving talks about the village, whereby the changes that have taken place in Halton over the years are recorded by a series of photographs and drawings both old and new. The books take the form of a guided walk, instead of appearing in chronological order, the subjects are dealt with in sequence according to their location along the route.

Bill, like his father before him, was born in Halton. He is the great great grandson of James and Sarah Roberts, who were residents in Halton in 1797.

After retiring from his job at Lancaster City Council’s architects’ department in 1981, he pursued his love of photography and furthered his life-long interest in local history through studies and giving talks and guided walks.