Lancaster nostalgia: readers rush to identify picture

Dan Wright's picture
Dan Wright's picture

We have had an overwhelming response to our nostalgia picture request.

Last week we asked you if you could identify the picture taken from Lancaster man, Dan Wright’s family collection.

The captioned 1906 picture appeared to show a skyline view of a city, one some of us were not sure of its exact location.

Many have you got in touch to have their say on the picture.

Historian Andrew Reilly said the photo is Quarry Road from the spire of St Peter’s Cathedral with Storeys factory and the little ridged building just below the centre is now the White Cross pub.

Mr Bill Livesey agreed and said “The large chimney on the left is, I presume, the one that collapsed in 1966.

“Working towards the camera the mill building nearest to the camera is probably the one that was knocked down and formed part of the car park behind what was the Adult College.”

Thomas McKevitt said: “The picture was taken from the top of St Peters Cathedral spire some time late afternoon, that’s why it looks down.

“However the only way that could be taken would be if there was work going on at the top of the spire.”

Others disagreed and some questioned whether it was taken from Caton Road or at St George’s Gas Works. Mr Ian Taylor said he wasn’t sure the picture even showed Lancaster.

However M Zajac from Lancaster said.

“Obviously taken from the cathedral tower; the road is Quarry Road/George Street.

“Bottom right is what looks like stacks of timber – Lancaster Sawmills occupied this site until around 1975. The smaller chimney reflected in the canal was part of the slaughter house and auction mart buildings, latterly used as a city council depot for many years.

“The first block is a row of back-to-backs, very rare in Lancaster, astonishingly the gutted shell of these buildings survived into the late 1960s and was used as garages, Town Hall Garage was the sign on the wall.

“The extreme right block was completely demolished to make way for the present police station. The centre block is where the present courthouse now stands. Also visible in the photo is Marton House, the only surviving building in this area.”