Lancaster nostalgia: memories of St Joseph’s Primary School

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Two former pupils have revealed their fondest school memories in these photographs.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Lancaster is the subject of these special pictures.

The school on Aldrens Lane holds a special place in Ann Burgess’s heart.

Ann, who lives on Fairhope Avenue, attended and worked at the school where her mother, auntie, uncle, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews and grandchildren also attended.

“We were all brought up catholics,” said Ann who is 74-years-old.

“I loved it, I worked there as a teaching assistant for 26 years, I started as a welfare assistant.”

Ann, who has seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, can remember processions held at the school in conjunction with the church for Holy Communions.

She said: “We used to go on nature walks in the summer, then they brought in a uniform, a brown blazer and beret and a cap for the boys.

“My mother made all our dresses for the processions, Margaret Bradley, she used to put lots of white material in the dresses because my mother was nearly blind by then and could make out that colour clearly.”

In one of the pictures, Ann has been chosen as a cushion bearer for the May procession, something she described as an “honour.”

Later on in life Ann returned to the school to work.

“I enjoyed working there so much, I have still got some of the things that the kids gave to me when I left, letters, cards,” said Ann.

“The children, even now, when they see me in the street they will come up and say hello Mrs Burgess do you remember me?”

Kathleen Palmer also sent in two pictures of her time at the school.

The 80-year-old, who lives in Lancaster, is pictured at the age of seven as the aid Queen in the first communion and procession from the school to St Joseph’s Church.

Thank you to Ann and Kathleen for sending in their memories and photographs.