Can anyone solve the mystery of this document?

Ann Ashcroft with the historic land deeds.
Ann Ashcroft with the historic land deeds.

This week we have been generously given an historic document which we hope some of our readers may have some more information about.

The large four-page document dates back to February 13 1830 and appears to be a hand written indenture about the lease of some property between a Robert Fletcher Bradshaw of Halton Hall and Edward Bibby, a miller from Scotforth, for the sum of £1,425.

The document also includes the names Sarah Anne Bradshaw (Robert’s wife), William Kelsall and Jonathan Binns.

We were contacted by Ann Ashcroft, who lives in Wigan, who was passed the document around 15 years ago following a house clearance.

Since Mrs Ashcroft was studying her family history at the time, she hoped that the paper would hold some insight into her family, which includes descendants named Bibby.

However, this turned out not to be the case and Mrs Ashcroft has kindly passed the parchment to the Guardian in the hope that our readers can shed some light on its owners and back story.

The paper has been water damaged but is still in relatively good condition with the majority of the wording still legible and its wax seals excellently preserved.

If you can help uncover any information about the document, please contact Gayle Rouncivell on 01524 834098 or email