New album is psychedelic, funk-fuelled indie goodness

Greenheart at The Priory Lancaster
Greenheart at The Priory Lancaster

Lancaster trio Greenheart are getting ready to release their latest album this month, but they need your help.

The band - James Fraser, Scotty Moorhouse and Loz Hamilton - will release It’s Time on July 31, an album they’ve recorded five times in the past.

They have started a Pledgemusic campaign to raise funds for the release at

There you can find merchandise and other goodies such as house gigs which you can pledge for.

The band said: “After a long, long wait we are finally ready to release It’s Time; for one reason or another we’ve recorded this album five times!

“It’s a long story...but this is the version of the album that we always wanted to make.

“So yes, very happy and proud at last to be releasing this music which we consider our best work to date.”

The 12 track album is packed with colour and styles.

It’s psychedelic, funk fuelled, indie goodness with some great vocal harmonies and exchanges.

The trademark didgeridoo layers are mesmerising, and there’s electronica peppered throughout the album, enriching and deepening the sound. Title track It’s Time has a wonderfully snappy beat to it, a groovy bassline and a feelgood premise.

It’s a hopeful and exultant sound, full of summertime promises and cool crescendos. Dare I say there’s some 1990s Mancunian influences at work here?

There’s keys, guitars, bass, drums and percussion, all introduced and shot through by the didgeridoo, and the production is spot on.

The band added: “We’ve chosen to release this album on Pledge Music because nowadays we understand that the old model of the music industry has gone, and we would like to communicate with fans directly...we’ve finally arrived at a place where we can truly offer our music to you all.”

An album launch party will be happening soon.