Lancaster stories are the cat’s whiskers

A 'King of Cats' piece of artwork at the centre of the exhibition.
A 'King of Cats' piece of artwork at the centre of the exhibition.

“The people of Lancashire are fabulous,” says storyteller Jacqueline Harris.

While helping to put together the new City Museum exhibition, The King of the Cats, Jacqueline’s search for stories and tellers across the county has, she says, been characterised by generosity and hospitality.

The resulting film forms part of a touring exhibition of sculpture, paintings, theatrical installations, film, stories and much more.

Jacqueline has joined forces with painter Chris Rainham, sculptor Marjan Wouda, ceramic artist Julie Miles and theatrical artist Patricia Ramsden to form Arteach – a group who go into schools and teach art.

They will host a series of workshops inspired by the Lancashire Tales and The King of the Cats that will be happening alongside the tour.

“We decided to have a look at the stories that have arisen from this landscape in which we live and to make this the basis for a touring exhibition, which we named after the title of one of the stories: The King of the Cats,” said Marjan.

“The idea was to let these stories lead us on an adventure; to take ourselves out of our comfort zone and to create something new.”

The exhibition features sculptures in atmospheric peep box settings, clay animals, puppets and painted mythical birds.

The King of the Cats is on display this Saturday from noon to 2pm.

For more details of the accompanying workshops see