Ian swears it’s a very good book

Author of The Coalition Chronicles, Ian Martin.
Author of The Coalition Chronicles, Ian Martin.

LANCASTER resident and co-writer of TV’s The Thick Of It will be in the city this month signing his new satirical book about the Coalition Government.

Ian Martin, who first joined The Thick of It as a “swearing consultant” on series one, joined the writing team in 2005, and has now put together a collection of unofficial transcripts of parliamentary proceedings, documenting the sweary debates of the coalition’s first year in power.

Ian, 58, said The Coalition Chronicles was “very loosely” based on proceedings within the House of Commons.

“It’s a very sweary account of the proceedings,” he said.

“Obviously people didn’t say things like that to each other. It is childish. I’m pointing out this is a situation where male-dominated grown-up toddlers shout at each other.

“To me, it’s not that far from the truth, although I actually have great affection for the House of Commons – it’s a national theatre, the idea of democracy on show.

See Lancaster Guardian, December 8, for the full story