Let Carrie Bradshaw's apartment inspire your home makeover, Sex and The City style

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With the re-boot of iconic 2000’s show, Sex And The City, back on our screens, titled ‘And Just Like That...’, and Sarah Jessica Parker returning as Carrie Bradshaw, interior designers took a look in to the show’s successful lifestyle.

The show grabbed the hearts of many, following Carrie’s numerous escapades in The Big Apple, but just how realistic was it?

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Those times Carrie and crew had fans in stitches:

From revealing how to transform your small space into a SATC type dream abode, to Carrie’s cost of living and interior spend, Swoon has the answers.

In 2004, the year that the last episode of the original series aired, the average rent of a one-bedroom Upper East Side apartment such as Carrie’s would cost on average 668 dollars a month.

City apartment - Carrie style

According to the New York Post, Carrie’s earnings during this time period as a columnist would have averaged around $700 a month, leaving just $32 to maintain her chic city lifestyle.

In 2021, with inflation rates soaring, 50-year-old Carrie may have had better luck at sustaining her pricy routine. The average rent has increased 65 per cent to $1,104, whereas Carrie’s salary would now average around $3000 a month, according to analytics company UrbanDigs.

Décor Ideas For A Small Apartment

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So, if you are inspired by that ‘Sex and the City’ lifestyle, Swoon reveals how to transform your small spaces into a dream city type abode!

In 2004, there were a few key design movements that distinguished that ‘early 2000’s’ look.

Sam Baldry, head of design at  Swoon, said:  “After an assault of beiges, taupes and off whites that the nineties endorsed - richer, more interesting colours and pattern became the flavour of choice - encouraging spaces to be more individual and less prescriptive.

“Shabby-Chic may set a few eyes rolling now, but in the early 2000’s it was at the forefront of interior trends with rustic textures and distressed finishes bringing character to homes, as vintage items became sought after, and feature walls became commonplace.”

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Baldry revealed that after a period of earthy monotone shades, the new century brought in a wave of fresh colour, pattern, and personality.

We see this in Carrie’s iconic bedroom, with its vibrant character and statement pieces.

A mismatched rug that graces her floor, is similar to Swoon’s Maya rug.

The Maya rug

This geometric creation features red and amber tones, which clash with the rest of Carrie’s cooler-toned interior.

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The bold style decision creates an understated ‘cool girl’ vibe – as if Carrie didn’t care if it matched, she just liked the rug.

Her bedside table, similar to Swoon’s Valente piece, carried the theme of natural wood throughout her apartment and took up minimal precious floor space.

Carrie’s decision to include a sideboard in her bedroom inspires us to this day. Similar to Swoon’s Thurlestone sideboard, Carrie’s renowned storage always seemed to be brimming with journals, notes, and clothes.

Thurlestone sideboard

1990’s to 2000’s apartment décor vs. modern day

So, if Carrie’s apartment existed in the modern day, how well would these style decisions have aged?

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Sam Baldry said: “Much of the sentiment from the early 2000’s remains true in the modern-day aesthetic, if a little more refined and tonal, with flecks of luxury added here and there.

“Marble and brass have made their way into people's homes, adding a sense of glamour and refinement as Deco influences have crept in, whilst shabby chic has matured into a more cultivated, mid-century boho scheme.

“Colour has perhaps been scaled back as dark neutrals and tonal greys have become the preference of many, whilst texture and natural materials are becoming increasingly common palettes.”

Baldry reveals that whilst Carrie’s interior choices may not necessarily be coming back in fashion, the foundations of 2000’s style are clear in current trends, set to be a hit in 2022.

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Take the recent mid-century modern movement, for example. Pieces such as Swoon’s Halle Chest of Drawers take clear inspiration from the shabby chic moments of the late 1990’s, whilst incorporating elegant clean lines and modern matte brass details to bring the piece into the new 20’s.

How To Create Space In A Small Apartment

So, it seems that in a modern version of Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment, savvy space saving storage and innovative, clean designs are ideal choices to make the most of your money.

Sam Baldry's top space saving tips for one-bedroom apartments are;

“Use a trunk or storage box as a coffee table. This offers lots of hidden storage while bringing a nice boho feel to your space.

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“Wall shelving works fantastically well to keep clutter off the floor and adds character to an otherwise bare wall.

“Divan Bedframes should never be overlooked for the sheer volume of storage that might otherwise be overlooked underneath a bed.”

Sam divulged that functional furniture such as the Swoon Porlock King Divan Bed is ideal to make stylish, practical use of small spaces, and will transform your bedroom into a chic boudoir.

Porlock bed frame

storage box as a coffee table, makes further use of what would have been dead space. The Venta storage box is made from reclaimed wood, is good for pockets, and for the environment, too.

How to create A Sex And The City vibe in your home

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Here are Sam Baldry's top three choices of Swoon pieces he would use to redesign Carrie's apartment in modern day:

Similar to Carrie’s bedroom storage, but with a modern flair. This suave sideboard boasts a healthy mix of mid-century form, Scandi simplicity and Art Deco glamour – ideal for a contemporary apartment.

This natural Mango Wood chest would have been a saviour for Carrie and her endless wardrobe. With a front panel adorned with tessellated tiles of solid wood, it's a stylish addition.

In a one-bedroom apartment, space is important, so utilise higher space with the Aero. This tall unit (reminiscent of a skyscraper) also wedges into a corner to save further floor space. It’s a win win.

For more information on Swoon and its most recent editions, visit https://tinyurl.com/2p8aex64

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