Here are some Easter egg treats from Marks and Spencer

Family egg huntFamily egg hunt
Family egg hunt
The office was full of naughty Easter treats from Marks and Spencer hidden for our tasters to try.

Here is what they found during the obligatory Easter egg hunt.

The Bees Knees – Hand decorated white chocolate egg with caramelised sugar – £8Our testers could certainly taste the caramelised sugar in the egg, as it was described as a cross between a Caramac and a Milky Bar, which was a very good thing.

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Hand Decorated Belgian Milk Chocolate Colosseum Egg – Hand decorated Belgian milk chocolate egg with 6 hazelnut praline filled golden truffles – £15The praline truffles were gorgeous. They were fluffy inside and melted on the tongue.The chocolate egg was very moreish and yummy, The gold dusting was nice, but did end up on the hands.

The Bees KneesThe Bees Knees
The Bees Knees

Proseggo Egg – Hand decorated berry and Prosecco flavoured hollow egg – £12This was an unusual alternative to the usual chocolate egg and was very tasty. The berry flavour is clear but not too overpowering. The shell was crispy and had a bit of a Prosecco fizz - what could go wrong? Nothing.

Dark Chocolate Made Without Dairy Egg – Dairy free dark chocolate egg with dark chocolate buttons – £7Our vegan tester was delighted to have something to try.The egg was nicely presented and stands out from your typically cardboard boxed ones. The chocolate was smooth and rich with a slight creamy texture, it would be hard to tell that this chocolate egg was dairy free. Also if the egg was not enough chocolate for you, it comes with a bag of dark large chocolate buttons. As a side note on dietary requirements, our nut allergy taster felt she was limited as to what she could have. Whilst many of the treats didn’t have nuts in them, they carried a ‘not suitable for nut, peanut and egg allergy sufferers due to manufacturing methods,’ which she found frustrating.

Wobbly Egg Tin – Filled with all butter chocolate chip Easter egg biscuits – £6These biscuits had a funky egg design on them and came in a nice bright orange tin shaped like an Easter egg. Our tasters loved the shortbread and found it crunchy. But one taster would have liked the biscuit to be a bit softer, as it lost the melt in the mouth texture often found with all butter shortbread. Another thought there could have been more chocolate chips.

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Family Egg Hunt – A selection of chocolate eggs including a large golden egg to find – £5There were plenty of eggs in the ‘basket’ of varying sizes, perfect for a good old fashioned egg hunt. The box came with a pack of clues to get the young ones excited. Our adult testers were a bit disappointed with the chocolate, feeling it was more ‘chocolate flavoured’ than decent Marks and Spencer chocolate. But the younger ones will love this.

Hand Decorated Belgian Milk Chocolate Colosseum EggHand Decorated Belgian Milk Chocolate Colosseum Egg
Hand Decorated Belgian Milk Chocolate Colosseum Egg

Angus the Bull – Hand decorated hollow chocolate egg – £5The office staff enjoyed munching on this egg, which was described as ‘Galaxy-esque’. It was very creamy and has a delicious flavour.The white chocolate horn was also very pleasant and offered an extra flavour to the egg.

Moonbeam The Unicorn – Hand decorated white chocolate hollow egg – £5You can’t beat a unicorn-themed egg. Whilst some of us were not sure about the unicorn design, the white chocolate was a big hit.It was smooth, creamy and quite sharply sweet.

Cheeky Chicks - 6 hollow chocolate eggs – £5These novelty chocolate eggs came in a plastic tray and the chick design would certainly amuse the younger tasters. The chocolate was pleasant and the eggs were a good size.

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Milk Chocolate Ganache and Salted Caramel Filled Eggs – £5Milk chocolate eggs filled with salted caramel and dark chocolate ganache.The dark chocolate with salted caramel were superb and a great mix of the two sensations.The passion fruit filling was met with mixed reactions, as tasters were not sure if the taste worked.

Proseggo EggProseggo Egg
Proseggo Egg

6 Speckled Egg Nest Biscuits - £6 All butter chocolate biscuits topped with vanilla flavoured fondant, sugar sprinkles and mini speckled eggsThe biscuit tasted stale and the topping was too sweet but the eggs were very satisfying, with a lovely texture.Another tester said they were a tasty little treat and were very crunchy, but another felt there was too much going on.

Spiketail Dinosaur – Decorated hollow milk chocolate dinosaur with speckled chocolate dinosaur eggs - £6The dinosaur was very lifelike with intricate scales and spikes on his back. This is certainly a great treat for children who will enjoy smashing their dinosaur around and eating the remnants.The speckled eggs are also very realistic - and again very yummy.

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