Getting that Friday feeling in Lancaster

Daniel Bye.
Daniel Bye.

A mini-festival of the arts on the first Friday of every month relaunches in Lancaster this weekend.

First Friday has six events over the course of Friday, October 3, from 11.15am to 10pm, across multiple venues.

The day starts at Ludus Dance on King Street at 11.15am until 2.30pm with ‘You Were Never Here’, a one-on-one performance encounter with artist Ashleigh Griffith. Please book via’s-on for this one-on-one performance lasting 15 minutes per person.

From 11.30am until 4pm at the Maritime Museum, ‘DART: Lunesticks’ is a digital exhibition and public talk discussing a new project bringing together European artists at the end of October to discover the stories and legends of the River Lune. At noon until 1pm at the Hall on China Street, ‘News Standards’ will create a musical response to your daily dramas, made by musicians including a singer, beatmaker and a rapper.

In Market Square from 2pm until 5pm, Lancaster Music Festival presents Looping Lancaster which will explore our city’s musical heritage and create an original piece of music.

At 7.30pm until 8.30pm, all are invited for drinks at the NICE Bar in the Storey to mark First Friday’s relaunch and experience artist Ashleigh Griffith’s interactive performance ‘Take Me, I’m Yours’. At 9pm until 10pm in the Storey Auditorium, ‘The Nine O’Clock News’ will be an evening of topical contemporary performance created on the day by artist Daniel Bye and friends, in response to the day’s headlines.

Ticket prices range from £13 to £9. Book online at