Gardening book on sale

The book.
The book.

IF you thought gardening was simply a case of nurturing nature or a leisure activity, a read of the latest book by a Lancaster author may prompt you to think again.

In Radical Gardening: Politics, Idealism and Rebellion in the Garden, George McKay, professor of cultural studies at the University of Salford, explores how different ways of living, war and peace, community, politics and social change, have been influenced by gardens.

Prof McKay, who lives in Regent Street, said: “Radical Gardening uncovers and celebrates moments, movements, gestures, of a people’s approach to gardens and gardening.

“It weaves together garden history with the counter-culture, stories of individual plants with discussion of government policy, the social history of campaign groups with the pleasure and dirt of hands in the earth, as well as media, pop and art references, to offer an informing and inspiring new take on an old subject.”

Prof McKay, 50, is a frequent contributor to BBC Radio.

See the Lancaster Guardian (23-06-11) for full story.