Folk rock supergroup launch debut album


Lancaster’s newest, self-proclaimed “folk rock supergroup” launch their debut album tommorow night, Saturday, at the Gregson Centre.

Hiroshima Twinkie, who describe themselves as Crosby, Stills and Nash - with teeth, will play their 16-track LP Dogs and Swans, released tomorrow on Woodshed Records, in its entirity, from 8.30pm.

The trio features the combined talents of Chris Barlow - acoustic guitar, mandolin and lead vocals; Dave Beale - lead acoustic and Trev Wagstaffe on drums and vocals and all three have been seen in various other guises including Rockitt 88, Clever Trevor, Mostly Hums, Howden Jones, Guns of Navarone, and Harry Warton and Co.

They promise a fine and splendid evening of twisted folk songs.

See the Lancaster Guardian (04-02-11) for full story.