Back To The Future Day arrives ...

WHEN you’re travelling at 88mph, you better be doing it in style!

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 21st October 2015, 9:00 am
A Dodge Viper decked out as the BTTF time machine
A Dodge Viper decked out as the BTTF time machine

It’s October 21st, 2015 - the date Doc and Marty travelled into the future in BTTF 2 - where hover technology, instant pizzas, lasers, 3D films and shoes without laces took centre stage.

The DeLorean may have been the first choice for time travel back then, but car finance experts Zuto wanted to know which classic cars from the last three decades the nation would stick time circuits in now, if they had the choice.

American models proved to be popular choices for automobiles fit for flux capacitor installation, with the Dodge Viper (31% of votes in its category), Ford GT (34%) topping the charts in the 90s and 00s votes. The BMW i8 (34%) was the top choice from 2010 onwards, while the UK’s Lotus Esprit took 35%, winning the vote as the time travellers car of choice for the 80s.

In the name of science and time travel, we’ve also checked how quickly these icons can get from 0-88mph, with the Ford GT being the most impressive in the acceleration department at present. However, compared to the future-ready Chevrolet FNR – Zuto’s dream concept car for time travel exploration – nothing we’ve built yet seems like it’s quite up to the job.

Everyone knows that if you’re going to build a time machine, you may as well do it with a little style – Zuto’s onsite animation beautifully shows these iconic cars with a whole new lease of life ... and purpose! Hit the pedal, speed up to 88mph, and glide through the 80s, 90s, 00s, on to the present day – and right into the future.

James Wilkinson, CEO of Zuto said: “With so many classic cars from across the last three decades to choose from, the nation’s choices of their favourites really says something about how we love to travel in style. This beautiful animation illustrates why these cars are classics in their own right, even if we don’t have the necessary bolt of lightning to propel us back into the future!”