Amusing and confusing

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AN annual event showcasing a diverse range of the district’s musicians and comics hits the Yorkshire House tomorrow night, Saturday.

The Flying Lemon Cabaret, now in its fifth year, aims to “amuse and confuse” with an improbable assortment of acts - headlined by Manchester based psychedelic drone band GNOD.

Also on the bill are Lancaster singer-songwriters Mollie Baxter and Niamh Starkey, and comedian Nygel Harrot.

Organiser Marian Hughes said: “Once a year I get the upstairs at the Yorkie and basically get as wide a range of people as possible to get up on stage and do something.

“I’m quite excited about GNOD coming to play, it fits in nicely with a tour they’re doing, and it’ll be the first time someone from outside the area has played at this event.

“They’re pretty flexible as a band and there should be upwards of five musicians playing drums, two bass, guitar and noisy electronic sounds.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (18-02-11) for full story.