Alpha male Alan Partridge falls flat on big screen

Alan Partridge.
Alan Partridge.

INGRID KENT writes: A-Ha! Local DJ extraordinaire Alan Gordon Partridge is back.

And this time he’s armed (well, sort of).

Alan, he of ‘Knowing Me Knowing You’ and ‘The Day Today’ fame, is no longer a TV star and he’s gone back to his roots at North Norfolk Digital radio station.

Steve Coogan’s crass and cringeworthy comedy creation is as funny as ever when he’s presenting his Mid-Morning Matters show with long-suffering co-presenter ‘Sidekick Simon’. In this latest incarnation Alan has recovered from his Toblerone addiction. Wearing his dodgy leather jacket and smart ‘sports casual’ jumper, he looks disturbingly like some of the journos I’ve worked with over the years.

He proudly proclaims: “Few men alive that can pull off a haircut that’s longer at the back and sides than it is on the top. I am one of those men.” Strangely, he’s right.

This is the first time that AGP (Alan Gordon Partridge) has appeared in a film and it works – up to a point.

The scenes where he is presenting his show are as hilarious as his TV programmes. They are brilliantly observed by Coogan and packed with hilarious one-liners. A scene involving a chemical toilet is one of the funniest I have witnessed for many a long year.

However, as a whole, the film fell a little flat for me.

The main storyline – a siege at the radio station – is a bit like a poor man’s Die Hard. It does offer a fair few comedy moments but it’s not particularly imaginative.

Interestingly, the film touches on more serious themes such as a corporate take-overs and the anguish of redundancy.

Fans of AGP will not be disappointed by Alpha Papa but it’s not necessarily the best introduction to Coogan’s king of cringe. More quiet titter than laugh out loud funny.