‘A world of beauty and compassion in spite of everything’

John Pepper
John Pepper

A FAREWELL love letter by a Lancaster man to his tragically drowned soulmate is being brought out by top literary publishers as a full-length book.

Cry Downriver by author John Pepper – all 62,500 words of it – was written right after Ruth France, of Sedbergh, was swept to her death at night, in her car down a flooding River Dee at Dent in a storm on November 11, 2008.

Spookily, Ruth, a well-known social worker in the district, had a phobic fear of ‘deep, dark’ water,’ often telling others that in her ‘previous life’ she had drowned.

The book is a celebratory love story mainly set in the north, described as ‘a world of beauty and compassion in spite of everything.’

See the Lancaster Guardian (18-02-11) for full story.