Lancashire nostalgia in 1987: Preston and Blackpool possible ground share; black museum and Blackpool 'capital' claim

The South Stand at Blackpool Football Clubs Bloomfield Road stadium, which needs major redevelopmentThe South Stand at Blackpool Football Clubs Bloomfield Road stadium, which needs major redevelopment
The South Stand at Blackpool Football Clubs Bloomfield Road stadium, which needs major redevelopment | jpimedia
Here's a look at some of the stories that were making the headlines back in 1987:

Blackpool to share Deepdale?

Troubled soccer club Blackpool have approached arch-rivals Preston North End to share their controversial Deepdale pitch.

Top level negotiations are going on to get the shock plan agreed for the start of next season.

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Directors from both clubs have met for urgent talks on a ground-sharing scheme.

But Blackpool insist a move 15 miles to Preston would only be made “as a last resort to ensure our survival.”

The future of the seaside club is in doubt at Bloomfield Road unless the town council steps in with a rescue bid. Already councillors have turned down one plea for cash aid and have opposed plans for major redevelopment at the run-down stadium.

The club’s chief executive Mr Raschid Gibrail said: “We are determined that Blackpool FC will survive as a League football club - even if that means playing on the ground of our greatest rivals.”

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Directors of North End were unavailable for comment. But secretary Derek Allen admitted: “I have heard rumours that talks have been going on between ourselves and Blackpool, but I don’t know at what stage they are.”

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Horrors of the black museum

Riot gear in store at Lancashire police HQ seems harmless enough by comparison.

For on open view in another room are cudgels, leg irons, a birch and a knuckle-duster.

Before the chief constable starts looking for another job, it must be stressed these are museum exhibits - a grisly reminder that violence against his officers is nothing new.

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In the last few years, the force has built up a fascinating collection which brings history alive.

It dates from the Victorian era - star spot goes to arch murderer Charlie Peace’s cosh and spectacles - to present day.

For the first time, the bullet and axe used to execute Mr Asia drug courier Marty Johnstone in 1979 is to go on public display.

When all the items are assembled together, Lancashire will boast one of the finest black museums in Britain.

Blackpool’s ‘capital’ claim clobbered by proud Prestonian

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Brassy Blackpool is just too big for its boots. The resort may boast it is the holidaymakers Mecca of Britain, but its latest claim to fame is just too much Norman Wignall.

A Prestonian born and bred, Norman is quite content to let the historic city of Lancaster fly the flag as county town - while believing Preston could put in a claim because most of the administration is done from the town.

But claims by Blackpool to be “The capital of Lancashire” has really put the cat among the pigeons.

A loud notice at the main entrance to Blackpool North Railway station proudly announces a “welcome to the capital of Lancashire.”

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Norman, who now lives in Birchin Lane, Whittle-le-Woods, said: “I admit, between Lancaster and Preston, the ‘capital’ to me is a heart and heart decision, so where the slot machine city gets its ideas from is beyond me.”

A spokeswoman for Blackpool’s Tourism Office said: “The posters aren’t ours, but people have got to be lighthearted about these kind of things.

“We certainly are the capital as far as entertainment and in terms of a seaside holiday resort, and I suspect this is what is meant.

“I really don’t think people should read too much into it.”