Lancashire nostalgia in 1975: Bobby Charlton quits; young cartoonist Nick Park; and a strip teaser

Bobby Charlton’s shock decision to quit Preston North End follows a disagreement over a transfer dealBobby Charlton’s shock decision to quit Preston North End follows a disagreement over a transfer deal
Bobby Charlton’s shock decision to quit Preston North End follows a disagreement over a transfer deal
Here's a look at some of the stories that were making the headlines back in 1975:

Bobby Charlton quits Preston North End

Bobby Charlton has resigned as manager of Preston North End. His shock decision followed a disagreement with the board of directors over a proposed transfer deal.

“I am having to leave as a matter of principle,” Charlton said following the board’s decision to go ahead with what he described as an “unrealistic” transfer deal involving centre half John Bird and Newcastle United.

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“The directors insisted that for economic reasons they could not refuse the money offered by Newcastle plus a player in exchange for John Bird, but I am not prepared to back the deal.

“The directors’ assessment of the value of Board simply does not agree with mine and I will not have players at the club that I do not want.

“So far as I am concerned neither Alex Bruce nor Mick Burns - the players offered - could get a place in my team. If the directors are going to make the decisions and just want someone to carry them out they can get anybody to do that.”

In a statement, the Deepdale board said Charlton’s resignation had been accepted reluctantly.

“A difference of opinion had arisen.”

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All his own work - a TV cartoon

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When it comes to filming, Preston can boast a junior Walt Disney all of its own - Nicholas Park (above), whose hobby is to make animated cartoons.

Other people enjoy Nicholas’s hobby as well, as he discovered when he entered the BBC’s ‘Young Animator’ competition.

Although he did not win, 16-year-old Nicholas will see his film called ‘A Castle Called Archie’ on television when BBC2 show some of the best runners-up in its international competition.

Nicholas, who lives in Liverpool Road, Walmer Bridge, said: “Last year I tried to enter the competition but the film arrived too late, so this year I took no chances and allowed myself plenty of time, although it took me only five weeks to make.”

Nicholas will now study art at the Tuson College.

Strip teaser for seaside car show

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A row over a topless girl is likely to result in a bitter confrontation at the first North West Motor Show in Blackpool.

The organisers have refused permission to Blackpool car dealer Mr Keith McCormick to display a topless girl on a Japanese car bonnet.

But Mr McCormick, owner of Max Motors of Clifton Road, intends to go ahead with his car promotion stunt using shapely model Miss Janie Nandy.

“Every motor show should have his own startling feature to put it on the map,” said Mr McCormack.

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“Earls Court Motor Show does this. Why is it not good enough for Blackpool? I am paying £500 for a seven car stand and I was not told about this before I decided to enter.

“I am going along to the show at Norbreck Castle with the girl and things will have to be sorted out on the day.”

Co-organisers of the five-day show Mr Alan Seymour and Mr Stuart McGregor are insisting “no cheap gimmicks”.

“We are putting on a motor show,” said Mr Seymour. “If one wants topless girls then you can go on the golden mile. There is absolutely no need for this.”