Lancaster serves ‘drinks not drunks’ in Christmas pub campaign

Lancaster Pub Watch is running a mini campaign this Christmas to try to make sure everyone gets home safe and sound after their big night out.

By Nick Lakin
Monday, 16th December 2019, 2:56 pm
Lancaster Pubwatch has launched a Christmas campaign
Lancaster Pubwatch has launched a Christmas campaign

The organisation that represents the licensed trade in Lancaster is reminding customers that they may not get served by bar staff if they appear drunk.

Pub Watch Chair Tim Tomlinson said: “First and foremost, the city’s licensed trade want all our customers to have a wonderful and festive time over this Christmas holiday.

“We also want to make sure everyone gets themselves home safely.

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“Sometimes, especially at this time of year, the odd person can over do it slightly.

“As well as it being our legal obligation to refuse to serve anyone who appears to be drunk we also want to make sure everyone leaves our premises in a fit state to get themselves home safely.

“All we ask is that people remember that if it is necessary for a bar person to politely refuse someone service, it is for their own good.”

Lancaster’s Licencing Officer PC Andy Taylor said: “We have reminded all the premises that it is their legal responsibility to refuse service to anyone who appears to have had too much to drink.

“If they do have to say no, please respect the bar staff, they are only doing their job.

“All the emergency services want everyone to have a great time over the Christmas period and the best way to do that is to make sure you and your friends don’t over do it and get home safely.”

Tim added: “The staff are just doing their job and they are very welcome to come back again as soon as they want.

“If you do notice someone in your party appears to have had sufficient, we’d request you do them a favour and either get them a soft drink or a taxi home. They’ll thank you in the morning, and you can continue to enjoy your night out.”