Lancaster charity receives £49k will donation from 'humble' Morecambe woman

CancerCare has been honoured to receive a very special donation of £49,000, included as a gift to the charity in the will of the late Miss Mary Murray from Morecambe.
Miss Mary Murray left 49,000 in her will to \cancerCare.Miss Mary Murray left 49,000 in her will to \cancerCare.
Miss Mary Murray left 49,000 in her will to \cancerCare.

Mary will be remembered by many for the beautiful flower arrangements that she created for St Mary’s Church in Morecambe and for her lifelong commitment as a volunteer for St John’s Ambulance.

Her family also recall her love of music and her talent for telling a funny story with a completely straight face; bringing laughter and joy to everyone who heard the punchline!

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Mary's wonderful gift has come as a true lifeline to CancerCare at a time when many of the families they support - already coping with the impact of cancer or bereavement - have been hit by further risk and worry during the current pandemic.

During this time, it has also been harder for the charity to raise the important funds needed to provide counselling, therapies, and peer support to the local community.

Chief executive Maria Chambers said: “This thoughtful donation has helped the charity to adapt quickly to lockdown restrictions; allowing us to put in place vital telephone counselling for people who could no longer access face-to-face support at our centres, as well as to set up an art club for children and young people in our community whilst they cannot currently meet at their weekly peer support group.

"Miss Murray’s kind gift will continue to provide support for anyone in our community coping with cancer or loss, long after the current pandemic.

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"We are so touched and honoured to have been remembered with this wonderful donation, which is already making a life-changing difference to so many local people.”

Mary's niece, Anna Pendlebury, said: “We were delighted to hear that the bequest made by my ‘Auntie Mamie’, as she was affectionately known in our family, has been so well used, particularly at such a difficult time for everyone but especially those having to face cancer.

"My auntie was one of the most humble souls I’ve ever known. I know she would not want any recognition herself for this gift but would be happy to think that by sharing what she did, she may make others think of leaving a gift in their will also, especially when they can see so clearly where the funds are being used so effectively.”

In 2019/20, CancerCare has been grateful to receive gifts in wills ranging from £250 to £122,000. If you’d like to learn more about including a gift to CancerCare in your will, you can read more here, or speak to a member of the charity's fundraising team on 01524 381820.