Morecambe schoolchildren quiz Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on homelessness, adoption and species extinction

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visited Sandylands Community Primary School in Heysham to help children prepare for their Christmas Fair.

Tuesday, 10th December 2019, 3:57 pm

Mr Corbyn spoke to members of the school's Pupil Parliament, and helped them to make Reindeer Hot Chocolate pouches to sell at the Hampton Road school's Christmas Fair, tonight, December 10.

He was also quizzed on a wide range of subjects such as adoption, homelessness, child abuse, poverty, plastic pollution and species extinction by the curious and diligent group of children.

Mr Corbyn is on the campaign trail on what are now the last few days before the general election, which is due to take place on December 12.

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Mr Corbyn talked to children about a range of topics

He also visited Bolton and Nelson, before heading up to Carlisle and Glasgow via Morecambe.

Whilst cutting out paper antlers, folding paper, and sticking on eyes and noses, Mr Corbyn sat down with pupils from the school and talked about a range of subjects, including Chinese music, sport, Cubist art, the school curriculum, The Angel of the North, and camping.

He also talked about the pupils' recent trip to the Houses of Parliament saying: "I think the behaviour is probably better in your school."

The school's Chair of Governors Kirstie Banks-Lyon gave the children three respect points each.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn met members of the Pupil Parliament at Sandylands Community Primary School in Heysham.

Mr Corbyn, who was joined by Lizzi Collinge, Labour's Parliamentary candidate for Morecambe and Lunesdale, said: "They've been very articulate, very well informed, and they are an absolute credit to the school.

"They weren't just saying they wanted cleaner water and cleaner air, for example, they were telling me how they would go about doing it."

Speaking after the meeting, and in answer to the childrens' questions, Mr Corbyn said that if elected, a Labour government would immediately implement actions to deal with rough sleeping and homelessness.

He said that Universal Credit and the two child policy would end "as soon as we can do it", as well as the bedroom tax, and the waiting time for Universal Credit would be scrapped.

Mr Corbyn and the children made Reindeer Hot Chocolate pouches for the school Christmas Fair.

He also said there had been an "incredibly negative" approach to reporting on the Labour Party's policies, saying that independent analysis had also indicated that.

"I want to see a strong independent media in this country and part of democracy is the right to know, to understand what's happening in your local community.

"There were all kinds of predictions about how bad it would get. I personally never get involved in personal attacks. If someone wants to go into the gutter that's fine, I'm not joining them there.

"I stick relentlessly to the policy issues, of all the things that matter to people.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn listened to the children.

"I've visited between 60-70 constituencies over the last few weeks, and I've focused on meeting with people, and listening to them."

Ms Collinge said: "We've spoken to 7,000 people on doorsteps over the last 30 days.

"We've been knocking on doors morning, noon and night to get the message out.

"There's been an issue with trust in politics, and there's a healthy dose of skepticism out there, so meeting people face to face makes a big difference.

"In the Lune Valley, a lot of the issues are about GP appointments, transport, and social care, while in Morecambe, Universal Credit has been one of the biggest issues."

Mr Corbyn with chair of governors Kirstie Banks-Lyon.