Lancaster University partners with ViraCorp to develop Covid-19 beating antiviral mask

An international research firm is working with scientists from Lancaster University as part of an initial £2 million project to develop new antiviral and antimicrobial products.

By Gayle Rouncivell
Thursday, 8th July 2021, 3:45 pm
Lancaster University.
Lancaster University.

The university’s world-class research facility will be used for the comprehensive testing of all ViraCorp products.

ViraCorp will have full access to the university’s state-of-the-art biomedical facilities and equipment including their Containment Level 3 lab facility (CL3) used for the isolation and identification of pathogens.

ViraCorp’s collaboration with Lancaster University involves testing a new antiviral and antimicrobial personal protective equipment (PPE) mask which begins killing Covid-19 on contact.

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It can also be safely reused offering an alternative PPE solution that has become essential in healthcare businesses where staff are desperate for alternatives.

Dr Muhammad Munir, a virologist and project lead at Lancaster University said: “Collaboration between academia and industry are pivotal in bringing innovations to tackle real-world problems. This unique partnership between Lancaster University and ViraCorp Ltd will bring forward solutions such as antimicrobial PPE to safeguard healthcare workers and the public.”

Rachel Giles, COO of ViraCorp, added: “Partnering with Lancaster University is a powerful step for ViraCorp. Their expertise combined with our R&D roadmap will allow us to realise our ambition to create products to help fight infectious diseases facing humanity today.”

The Dean of the Faculty of Health and Medicine at Lancaster University, Prof Jo Rycroft-Malone, said: “This is another great example of how colleagues in the Faculty of Health and Medicine have responded to the pandemic in collaborative and innovative ways.”

ViraCorp is an international organisation offering innovative products, scientific research, and ideas, aiming to lead the fight against viral infections and diseases while also providing humanitarian aid to the areas and people that need it.