Lancaster head to do skydive to help school

When headteacher Dianne Cross said she wanted to do something unique to raise funds for the school, staff set out to find something out of the ordinary.

By Gayle Rouncivell
Wednesday, 30th March 2022, 12:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 30th March 2022, 12:54 pm

Natasha Richardson, a parent at the school, got in touch with Skydive North West, who kindly agreed to fully fund a skydive for Dianne to complete.

Mrs Cross is the headteacher at Dolphinholme CE Primary School near Lancaster, a supportive member of staff and a friend to many who has proven by taking on the challenge that she will literally do anything to support her school and the community.

She said: “After the challenges of Covid, and the negative effect it has had on fundraising, this skydive is a fantastic opportunity to raise funds for our school and offer the whole school community, especially the pupils, something to look forward to.

Dolphinholme had Dianne Cross with Charlie, Laurence, Nicholas, Athan, Helena, Vanessa, Theo, Hugh, Mabel, Aaliyah and Grace.

"It isn't often that a headteacher drops out of a plane!

"I am really excited but a bit nervous! I am well over 50 after all! My mum thinks I have gone mad!

"I really hope people get behind me and we can raise lots of funds. I would like to encourage anyone who knows me personally, and the wider Dolphinholme community, to get involved and sponsor the skydive in order to support the local village school.

"The more we raise, the more we can offer the children and families of Dolphinholme.”

Dolphinholme head Dianne Cross with Year 2 pupils Pippa, Grace, Helena, Laurence, Mabel, Aaliyah, Nicholas and Charlie.

The money will go towards various projects at the school.

“We are hoping to develop more of our school grounds,” Mrs Cross said. “The pre-school is in desperate need of some shade as it is very exposed during the summer months.

"We also want to add to our trim trail - the children absolutely love it and it will be a real benefit to their physical and mental well being if we can extend it further.

"We are blessed with beautiful surroundings and we like to be outside as much as possible.”

The pupils at Dolphinholme are also excited by their head’s challenge.

Amy in Year 1 said: “Mrs Cross is brave and it is really exciting.”

Theo in Year 2 said: “I can’t believe Mrs Cross is going to jump out of an aeroplane! Wow!”

Archie in Year 6 said: “I think it is very good because Mrs Cross is raising money for the PTA and they do lots of good things for school. She is very brave.”

Nancy in Year 4 said: “Wow, she really does care about the school” while Sophia in Year 5 added: “She’s the best head teacher ever.”

Mrs Cross’s skydive is taking place on Saturday May 14. It is hoped they will be able to live stream the skydive at one of their local community events so the whole school can watch it take place.

If you would like to donate to the cause, go online at