Lancashire A-Level results 2021: students across the county receive their results

As students across Lancashire receive their A-level results, we'll be sharing all your stories as well as offering help and advice throughout the day.

Tuesday, 10th August 2021, 11:32 am
Updated Thursday, 12th August 2021, 7:32 am

For the second year on the run students will be given grades determined by teachers, rather than exams, with pupils only assessed on what they have been taught during the pandemic.

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A-Level Results Day in Lancashire

Live updates as students across Lancashire receive their A-level results

Last updated: Thursday, 12 August, 2021, 09:35

  • Top 5 Tips to Survive Covid Clearing
  • How exam grades will be decided and how students can appeal

An ‘outstanding’ year at Clitheroe Royal Grammar school

Mr Keulemans, Head of Clitheroe Royal Grammar School, said: “We are immensely proud of all the work and achievements of our students, especially after such a difficult and disrupted year.

“Our teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure students are able to progress onto further education and study.

“The resilience shown by this group of young people has been inspirational and we look forward to seeing what they will achieve in the future.”

Morecambe Bay Academy - A-level

Principal Mrs Heather McClurg, said: “We are delighted with the results that our Year 13 students have achieved. This set of results is reflective of the hard work and determination of our Sixth Formers in the face of some very difficult times. It also reflects the hard work and dedication of their teachers to ensure that students received the very best education possible throughout the pandemic and is illustrative of the improvements that are taking place across the academy.

“These students have experienced two full lockdowns with further disruption to learning due to periods of self-isolation. We feel it is also important to acknowledge and thank our families for being so supportive, particularly during the extended lockdowns when this was so important

“Throughout this, our students have risen to the challenges presented to them: engaging with online learning, navigating ‘Teams’ remote lessons and having to spend a lot of time studying alone. We are immensely proud of all of them and today has been an extremely happy occasion.

“Almost all our students have secured their first choice of university, with many achieving results that exceeded their offer. Nine of our students achieved straight A -A* grades across their subjects and one student achieved A* in all his subjects.

“We wish them well on the next stage of their career path and look forward to seeing them again for Awards Evening later in the year and catching up with all their news.

A Level (A*-E) and equivalent. The following students have opted in to sharing their results:

Four Passes:

E Chamerski 4, W Dzienia 4, G Hamer-Grime 4, M Stopinski 4.

Three Passes:

M Bell 3, E Byrne 3, S Callaghan 3,, B Crossley 3, J Cunningham 3, E Dacres 3, B Davies 3, C Dixon 3, E Foster 3, E Furlong 3, J Garwood 3, J Gibalska 3, L Gut 3, E Harwood 3, K Henderson 3, R Huddleston 3, R Hyde 3, D Hynes 3, P Kane 3, M Kirkland 3, E Lambert 3, G Laycock 3, A McBean 3, N Miller 3 S Moist 3, J Morrison 3, E Newby 3, S O’Connor 3, S Openshaw 3, J Pickles 3, W Robson 3, L Rooney 3, J Shaw 3, M Sonski 3, H Stephens 3, T Stoneham 3 , K Swarbrick 3, R Upjohn 3, H Ward 3, L Wardle 3, S Watson-Scott 3, H Woodruff 3.

Two Passes:

K Milne 2.

St Mary’s Catholic Academy A-level results

Simon Eccles, St Mary’s Catholic Academy headteacher said: “We are immensely proud of all the work and achievements of our students, especially after such a difficult and disrupted year.

“Our teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure students are all able to progress onto further education and study, and we look forward to seeing what they will achieve in the future.”

Jennifer Burrough, head of Sixth Form, said: “Part of our success is due to the close family feel of our Sixth Form. We offer a clear support system which enables every student to receive the targeted help they need.”

Four Passes:

Antczak J, Bell C, Duffy J, Elson J, Hawkes L, Middleton B, Mitchell M, Pagkalis A, Schofield E, Seville-Parkins J, Tingson F, Tinoy G, Villarino H, Wawryk M

Three Passes:

Alunan M, Arden R, Baluyt M, Barlow S, Bradley J, Brown E, Brown F, Burzyk N, Cardwell E, Cooper A, Crunden M, Davidson K, Dear H, Depner D, Dickson A, Dugdale O, Ebel S, Ewart A, Farley N, Fielding M, Gildea D, Hela L, Hodgkiss M, Juszczyk O, Kirk J, Konewecka N, Kowalczyk M, Lees N, Lightowlers A, Lovell D, McAlroy E,  Naylor R, Norton E, Orain R, Parkinson-Jones F, Pasiut K, Pearson N, Rimmington S, Rogers-Smith R, Runciman I, Sainsbury J, Sankey C, Sellars R, Smith S, Stott-Sargeant A, Summerscales L, Sunar D, Szperzynski I, Towers M, Weerarathna I, Wignall A, Wills A.

Blackpool Sixth. Form College - A-level results

Please note: This listing only includes students who gave the college permission for their results to be shared.

Four Passes:

I Aaron, I N Adams, L P Bettison, T E Caveney, M Cobandag, O J Cocker, P M J Coulon, S M Crombie, L P Davies, M J Davitt, L R Eaton, B Eaves, G A Elliott, S A Farr, I Frudd, M Frudd, C L Graham, A Gray, N Hajdacka, R Haresceugh, A V Heald, J Hibble, A Hurt, C W James, C R Jeff, J W Kidd, K Krishna, A Lagzda, T A Lambert, B Mitchell-Dolan, G C Nicholson, S Pack, M Patefield, E Peebles, C G Pilling, G Rodwell, K I Rouse, S C Sarath, K E Smith, M L Smith, A Snowden-Clarke, O J Stephens, L A Tate, E Taylor, S Wijekoon, E L Woollerson, L S Wylie.

Three Passes:

W Adzikah, E Alder, A Ali, K S Ali, J B Allam, H Allen, H Allison, S Allmark, M B Ambery, H Anderson, J S Anderson, J W Anderson, J M Andrew, D S Ankers, B Antich, P I Appleton, A Armstrong, J R Armstrong, J D Ashton, D Ashworth, J E Aspinall, R Asquith, B Astbury, H G Atkinson, K A Atkinson, L N Atkinson, T Atkinson, O K Bacakoglu, A I Bailey, H E Bailey, M J Bailey, E O L Baines, A Baker, E R Baker, C Balaam, M V Baldwin, G L Ball, S S Ball, J S Ballaam, S J Bamford, D A Banks, J H Banks, N L Barber, D D C Barker, M E Barkworth, E D Barling, C W E Barnes, J Barnett, K Barnish, A J Barr, A M Barton, A R Barton, H J Bates, A L Beard, C G Bell, R T Bell-Smith, M E Bennett, A R Bewley, H J Billingham, G L Birch, K A Bisikierski, R R M Blackburn-Campbell, B D Blakely, B J Blight, M A Bond, J W Booth, N Booth, A T Boyes, E R Bradley, A M Brandes, S H Brent, C H Bristow, F L Broadbent, S Broadbent, H G Broadbridge, F Broadway, A P Brough, B L Brown, J Brown, O J Buck, J J Buckley, A Bullen, T R Bulmer, S L Bunting, H I Burden, Y M Burfitt, S V Burgess, D R Burns, C W Burrell, A Burrows, J X Burrows, M E Butler, O M Butterworth, B Cablis, M G Cahill, O E Cairns, B Callaghan, T Campbell, A R Cardwell-Trickovic, E Carr-Crawley, L S Carroll, D M Cartmell, J D K Chadwick-Birch, J P Chappell, J A Charles, B L Charnley, A Chell, W Chen, H M H Cheung, C Christian, A A Christy, C C Clark, O S Clark, A R Clarke, C Clarke, C A Clarke, E Clarke, J T Clarke, L W Clarke, N Clarke, E Clegg, L Clements, T A Clemison, E V Coates-Moore, A C Coe, T O Cole, M A Colebourne, B A Colin, J J Colledge, A O Collier, A W Connolly, M A Cook, A Cooper, C J Cooper, D J A Coppen, L C Coppersthwaite, H J Coulson, D A Couzins, L E Cowell, M R Cox, J B Coxhill, S Crabtree, M J Crellin, C E Crookall, S A Crookall, D J Cunningham, E G Cunningham, J R Dacosta, C W J Dagger, L J Daniels, L J Danson, L C Davenport, G O Davey, T R Davidson, G W Davies, R L Davies, E P Dawkins, A G Dawson, C P Dawson, J K Dawson, A P De'Ath, E A Dean, S R Deary, W J Dee, E F Deery, A L Delgado, K H Dempsey, O P Dickason, J P Dickinson, E N Dimelow, B E Dixon, J E Dixon, L Dowling, H L Doyle, E Dragan, C S Duffy, H J Duxbury, D Dyson, H F Eaglestone, M L Eames, E J Eastwood, H Eastwood, A Edwards, C Edwards, E Edwards, A El Ousfour, J A Ellarby, J Ellinsworth, J Elliott, L M Ellis-Gray, S Ellis-Mcleish, R E Emery, L England, A J Evans, B W Evans, C Evans, N J Evans, B Evedon, E S Everett, D J Fairclough, L Fairclough, E Falcomer, H B Faller, H M Farrar, K L Farrer, H Fearn, N Fedorenkovs, G L Felton, G J Fenton, K L Fenton, E E Fishwick, R Fishwick, K Fletcher, B L Flowers-Geddes, N Foliard, A L Foulds, B Frankel, A Franklin-Williams, T Fuentes Moreno, E Gabbitas, O M Galazka, D W Gallagher, N Gammon, K Gantulga, J Gaspar Vasconcelos, T P Gaunt-Nelson, A L Gee, M George, R L Giannone, N J Gillaspy, F D Gilyead, A Ginley, O M Gittins, M V Gleadell, T Glynn, O R Golden, Y Goldthorpe, C Gonzales, E M Goodfellow, L A Gornall, F T Gosik, G L Graham, S E Graham, E Gray, J Greaves, H R Green, M Green, M J Green, J J Greener, B T Greenhalgh, L Gregory, E Gregson, E Gregson, E L Grime, L L Grimshaw, H Grubb, D K Grudzinski, I G E Gudoy, F L Guerin, J Y Guo, J Guy, M Gwilt, S L Hackett, C T Hale, M Hall, M E Hall, S J Hall, D Hallam, C Halliwell, S Hamani, L Hamer, A G Hamilton, J Hampson, G L Hancock, D Harakis, L C Harben, L Harding, H Hargrave, M Hargreaves, Z J Harris, C A Harrop, M Hart, L S Hartley, K J Harwood, C Haslam, S Havenhand, L C Haworth, M J Hayes, C Heap, A D Heaton, F Heavyside, J A Heller, K Henderson, S Henderson, A Heyes, C L Heywood, P A Hickling, J Hill-Barreiro, A Hillier, J Hilton, S E Hird, L Hirst, B Holden, T Holden, S Holmes, L Holt-Milsom, M M H Honeysett, J Hopkinson, D Hopwood, B J Horsley, A D Hughes, C P Hughes, E N Hughes, L E Hughes, N Hughes, P A Hughes, S Hughes, H Hugo, G T Hunt, J A Hunt, E Hurst, K H Hurst, J Husband, M M Hutcheon, E Ivison, A Jackson, C Jakins, J James, M Jenkins, P G Jerchewicz, A A John, A B Johnson, C A Johnstone, H Johnstone, D A Jones, E A Jones, K K Jones, L E Jones, L N Jones, F M Jones-Wright, J Z Kay, N J M Keane, J R Kehoe, L F Kelemen, J F Kelly, L M Kelly, S Kelton, C M Kendrick, C G Kennedy, G Kennedy, B A Kershaw, N Khajuria, L Kilgour, A L Kilpatrick, C L King, B G Kirkpatrick, A J Kitching, C T Laccohee, M J Lakeman, M J Lambie, B E Lang, B D Lanzani, V Lapina, J Law, A C Lawrence, H R Laycock, H M Ledden, A Lee, E Lee, J N Lee, J S Lee, K J Lee, D A Lees, K Lees, C Lewis, M Lewis, S C Lewis, Y T Lewtas-Wood, M Liddle, M M Little, C J Lloyd, R Lockwood, E K Long, A T Loose, A Loughlin, S E Loveland, S K Lowe, E C Lowther, B Lynch, M Lynn, S Lynn, J K Mackay, G F Mackinnon, A N Makinson, L F Mallinson, M P Mallinson, L R Malpas, C M Markham, E L Marple, E R Martin, O G Mason, K J Masterson, D A Mathews, M Maudsley-Broome, C E McArthur, A K McAusland, C J Mcbride, H McCallum-Dodd, C A McCarthy, B D McClelland, S J McClelland, M Mccourt, G E McCrory, E M Mccullough, M McCurrie, L I McDonald, K Mcgow, L Mcgrady, M E Mcguinness, L V Mchugh, E D McIver, A Mckenna, C McNulty, M Mcphee, S Meadows-Anderson, G J Melling, J M A Mellow, L T Melville, N Melvin, E J Mercer, C E Metcalfe, A R Middlehurst, F H Miles-Hockey, C A Millar, D O Mills, S Mills, M V Mitchell, H W Mitchem, R S Moat, G A Moldovan, J A Moliner-Casani, S Monks, L S Moon, F J P Moore, K J Moore, L E Morgans, C Morley, M K Morley, A S Morrow, P Moshonas, C L Moss, C T Moss, A Mullen, L E Mundy, E G Murphy, E Mushet, L A Mushet, K Myles, R Nagle, S Naidu, W D Naylor, M L Nelson Hunter, B O Newman, J C A Newton, T N M Nguyen, J Nicholas, B Nicholson, A Niewinski, E Noble, E Noland, S Normington, K Nova, M N Nugent, A Nuttall, J J O'Donoghue, D G O'Hagan, D Ogden, L Ogden, E Ogretici, L S Oldham-Hickman, A Oliphant, L Orchiston, G L Ormerod, M V Osborne, O P Osemhanre, D K Ovcharova, G L Overing, L K Owen, M Painter, B Palmer, A C Park, A Parker, K Parker, R S Parker, M J Parkinson, L E Parlour, N Pawsey, L Peachey, E Peacock, L Pearson, J R Peat, C L Peck, P Pengelly, M M E Pertica, A R Pettigrew, L Platt, O J Pomfret, D Postles, B S Potts, L Powell, G Power, L Pratley, E M Precious, E C Preston, A Price, M J Price, K Pritchard, M Probert, H G Qualter, D I Quilligan, K M Quinn, J Raddon, Z J Rae, L T Ranasinghe, D A Rawcliffe, N J Rayner, N C Redican, B T Reed, N Rees, S G Reese, A B Reid, R C Richardson, T J A Richardson, C J Richmond, C M Rigby, H L Riley, M M Riley, H L Rimmer, T J Rippon, O J Roberts, A Robinson, K Robinson, C Robson, C Rockall, K A Rogers, M Rogers, M F Rogers, J S Rolinson, T L Ronson, N J Roskell, O C Rossall, L J Rourke, J B Rowe, L Rowe, R H Rowley, J O Rudge, J C Russell, L S Russell, K L N Rutherford, J G Sackfield, K L Sanderson, J Saunders, M O Scholes, M L Schwab, F S Seville, C Z Seymour, A Sharif Valdes, E R Sharpe, A J Shaw, A B Shearman, K L Shenton, O Shepherd, J T Shields, M M Shiels, L A Shoulder, A M Shuttleworth, A Sianiuta, Y Sianiuta, C E Silcock-Crabtree, R A Simnett, C Simpson, E Simpson, L Simpson, M H Sinclair, M Singleton, A L Slater, E M Slater-Coughlan, C E Slee-Brown, N K Smales, N J Smillie, A K Smith, A M Smith, D A Smith, K A Smith, L Smith, M Smith, N J Smith, O T Smith, T A Smith, E Snalam, E R Snelson, L Snelson, L Southern, N H Sowden, M B Sparks, A M Speight, M A Spencer, O P Spencer, O Squire, R D Squire, H Srikantharasa, P Sripanya, B R Staveley, H Stearn, H E Stearn, L Stefani, A Stephenson, J L Stevens, A Stevenson, M Stewart, O Stewart, J R Stone, B Stote, F Street, D Stringer, A Stuart, J Surya, A Swan, J Tang, E B Taylor, H B Taylor, L D Taylor, M Taylor, M Telford, E Thacker, B Thompson, D V Thompson, V Titova, L H Todd, D Tolkach, L A Tomlinson, G F Townson, J A Tregonning, L R Truelove, G M Truman, J Tupman, C L Turner, E Tuson, N Uhiara, E Urmston, M Verity, J A D Vickers, J R Walderman, A J Walker, M Walsh, T Walsh, T M Walwyn, P Wansaksri, K Warburg-Osman, E Warburton, L M Warburton, E K Ward, J S Wardle, N R Watkins, E S Watts, M G Watts, D K Webster, I Webster, S J Webster, A Welch, C M Wenman, H Werner, J West, I Wheeldon, R Whelan, A D White, E G Whitehead, N C Whitehead, M J Whiteside, E Whitmore, M R Whitmore, M Whittle, E Wild, J Wilkinson, E Williams, L Williams, S L J Williams, C J Wilson, J J Wiseman, S Woodhead-Goode, J S Woodington, J Worden, C E Wright, E K Wright, H J Wright, M E J Wright, H Wylie, P K F Wylie, J Young, J Zafar, V Zhou.

Two Passes:

J Fulcher, O J Hackney, L P Nash, T M Roberts, M Trubins.

One Pass:

S J S Frain, F T Whittingham.

AKS Lytham A-level results

The Headmaster, David Harrow, said: “Our students’ hard-earned grades sit alongside a huge range of achievements in so many areas that complement and transcend the academic. People who excel at sport, music, drama, in our CCF, as part of Round Square, or in a host of other areas, have worked hard to build an excellent portfolio of experiences and are now heading off to leading universities across the UK, as they do every year.

“In pursuing their passions and achieving their ambitions, our aim is that our students move into the next stages of their lives with the ability and motivation to change their worlds. So, whilst it is bittersweet to say goodbye to such a wonderful year group, we are very excited to watch their achievements in the years to come.”

4 Passes:

T Che, C Chiu, B Eichhöfer, E Hamilton

3 Passes:

J Anthony, S Chapman, J Choi, A Coyne, A Diab, J Ditchfield, E Duncan, O Earnshaw, L Facey, B Forrest, M Hankiewicz, C Hay, J Hayden, S Ilhan, O Knowles, J Lumsden, O Macheta, A Munir, B O'Hara, J Pickersgill, T Pye, S Rimmer Eastwood, F Salt, N Singh, E Smith, C Sobey, D Torrans, R Zacharias

Lancaster Royal Grammar School headmaster celebrates ‘outstanding’ A-level results

Congratulations to all our Sixth Form students who are receiving their A-level results today.

Headmaster Dr Chris Pyle said, “Huge congratulations to our students on these outstanding A-level and Pre-U results, which reflect their work and ability throughout the course. It is excellent to see them progressing to a wonderful array of university courses and other opportunities. Very well done to every single one of our students!

“We are immensely proud of our students for the determination that they have shown despite all the disruption to their Sixth Form education. They are a multi-talented and hard-working group of young people who deserve great credit. They have supported one another brilliantly and contributed much to the school and wider community. They are particularly special as our first coeducational year group.

“Thank you to staff who have guided pupils through the past two years, providing the exceptional teaching and pastoral care which are the hallmarks of Lancaster Royal Grammar School.

“Very best wishes to our Sixth Form students as they celebrate today’s outstanding results and prepare for the exciting next stage of their journeys. I know that they will go from strength to strength.”

A-level and GCSE results 2021: This is how exam grades will be decided and how students can appeal

Students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will receive their A-level and GCSE results this week after exams were cancelled for the second year in a row due to the Covid pandemic.

Students will be given grades determined by teachers, rather than exams, with pupils only assessed on what they have been taught during the pandemic.

A-level Results: Top 5 Tips to Survive Covid Clearing

After two-years of uncertainty, self-teaching, online lessons and classroom bubbles, the day A level students have been most anxious about, is just around the corner (Aug 10th), A-level Results Day.

By mid-morning these teens will know their results, and whether they have those all-important grades needed for their planned next steps.

This year, in the absence of exams (because of the Covid-19 pandemic), universities have had to offer places based on students’ predicted grades. No one is really sure what these ‘teacher-assessed’ grades will look like once they’ve been moderated by exam boards, but it’s worth knowing that those young people who didn’t get the grades they’d hoped for can still get a place at university and on the road to a degree, if they want to.

In 2020, round 70,000 students found university places through Clearing – a system which helps universities match students who don’t have a university place to courses which still have spaces.

“It’s going to be a very strange results day for tens of thousands of teenagers.” said Dr Lisette Johnston ex-BBC World News editor and Head of School at ScreenSpace, part of London’s MetFilm School.

“If you find yourself going through Clearing it can feel like a very uncertain time, and you might feel under pressure to take up any place given that there are universities bidding for the students who get the highest grades.

“But marks are just one part of the story, and you need to make sure you make an informed decision so that your next move is a calculated one. It’s important that you don’t let the system get you down - keep positive and don’t let it put you off.”

So, if you didn’t get the grades you need, and you’re not sure what to do next here’s Dr Lisette Johnston top five tips.

A-level Results: Top 5 Tips to Survive Covid Clearing: Dr Lisette Johnston

1. Ready, steady…. research.

It’s worth spending some time considering and researching a Plan B before you get your results. Have a look for similar courses to your chosen one, you might find one with lower entry requirements. For example, if you’ve applied to do Film or Media Studies why not look at other courses that focus on film or media, such as Film and Screen Business, or for some courses check the requirements comparing a BA with a BSc - this works with courses such as Economics. If your heart is set on a particular university look at their clearing pages now and register with them to save time on the 10h if you do have to call them during Clearing.

2. Stay calm!

It’s the moment you’ve been working towards and the computer screen or that piece of paper is telling you your dreams are shattered. Remember this is just a blip, a bump in the road! Take some deep breaths, collect your thoughts, and remember there is ALWAYS a different route to take.

3. Talk!

There’s lots of help out there. Your initial reaction may be to shut yourself away, don’t! Speak to your friends and parents, and don’t forget there are experienced staff at your Sixth Form or college who can help you, they will want to do their best for you and most universities have a well-oiled Clearing process.

4. Be brave.

Pick up the phone and call the universities you are interested in. Ask lots of questions – there is no such thing as a stupid question. Also, don’t just take the first opportunity that comes along, make sure it’s the right one for you. Write down the questions you want to ask before you call, and if it’s a university you haven’t visited you may want to find out about facilities, accommodation, and student support. This is your opportunity to discover what is best for you, don’t hang up the phone until all your questions are answered.

5. Keep an open mind

If you don’t know what to do next then you can always give yourself some time to consider all your options. You could defer going to university until next year, it’s only 12 months and it will give you time to decide what you really want to do. You may decide you want to earn some money and get a job, or perhaps consider a higher or degree apprenticeship.

Rossall School A-level results

Four Passes:

N Abesadze, B Cheema, M Chen, C Combrinck, R Cowan, L Doherty-Fretwell, C Ha, A Hernandez Maduro, D Jones-Barroso, C Lê, E Preston, X Riley-Oakes, E Robinson, W Robinson, J Scarpello-Parody, J Watson

Three Passes:

N Al Khonji, G Batoko-Lofondja, S Bilby, T Bilby, S Bowes, G Bowling, L Carpenito, A Chernyshov, H Clough, L Cryer, S Darwin, H Douglas, P Dunn, T Duong, L Eagling, A Fielden, E Forsyth-Parker, A Guledani, E Hadgraft, E Hockings, K Hogarth, A Hoggarth, E Holliday, L Hunt, M Lê, Q Le, J Li, N Orudzhev, O Otubanjo, K Rowe, M Shaikh, A Singleton, S Takashima, G Terrington, K Tikoisuva, M Villafranca-Albornoz, L Warwick, M Watson, S Wong, Y Zhang

One Pass:

L Black, S Currie, X Guo, C Simal Gárcia, E Valle

Hutton Grammar School A-level results

Hutton Grammar School students are celebrating an impressive set of achievements.

The good news doesn’t stop at exam results. Hutton has once again had students accepted at Oxbridge and also many going to a prestigious Russell Group university.

Hutton’s Headteacher, Mr Mark Bradshaw, said: “I am so proud of our students who have achieved outstanding results and indeed the staff who have supported and nurtured them.”

Four passes: B Baxter, J Charfe-Turner, A Jeffryes

Three Passes: U Ahmed, I Ashton, G Atkinson, B Baig, H Bamford, G Barnes, A Bartlett, K Berry, A Bogumil, J Braithwaite, M Christie, J Clarke, E de Freitas, G Dowthwaite, M Dunn, R Fowler, E Gallagher, G Glover, P Hailwood, M Hamim, J Harrison, J Hayes, K Hendrickson-Flynn, C Hodson, Z Hussain-Ahmed, S Ingham, H Jarvis, W Johnson, W Jones, E Kenyon, E Maudsley, R MossC Mudannayake, J Newman, K Niemyjski, L Oliver, S O’Neill, B Parsons, O Patel, Z PatelA Pullin, T Richards, H Robinson, A Rushe, A Sanderson, W Sherrington, N Singleton, F SterrittZ Taylor, A Thompson, R Tracey, H Turner, H Warren, B Wilcock, T Wilkinson, C Wilson, L Winston, H Withnell

Two passes: M Lockwood, I Abram, R Alty, C Bradley, O Chestnutt, T Edmonds, A Suffell

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