Diary date for Lancaster Univerisity's webinar to discuss future of adult social care

An online event set to address the challenges facing the adult social care sector across the North West and beyond is scheduled to take place next month - and it is open to all members of the public.

Work Foundation Director Ben Harrison, will lead the event.
Work Foundation Director Ben Harrison, will lead the event.

Experts from the Work Foundation, Lancaster University Management School and the public sector in Lancashire will discuss a new report that examines the issues facing the sector – which has an estimated workforce of 1.52M. – and suggests potential solutions.

"What Matters Now: Developing a Thriving Social Care Workforce", takes place on July 14th, at 3pm, and is the latest in a series of public webinars from LUMS, addressing the big issues facing society and business today and tomorrow.  

Panellists will discuss the adult social care situation in the North West, in other UK regions, and in countries across Europe, providing different perspectives on a global issue.

Work Foundation Director Ben Harrison, who will lead the event, said: “The adult social care sector plays a significant role in the UK labour market, and over the coming years it will need to rapidly expand to meet growing demand. 

“That will not be easy, as the sector faces long-standing challenges which have been made more acute by the Covid-19 pandemic and recent changes to immigration policy. Care providers are struggling to build and sustain their workforce, and there are wider issues across the sector.

“We will be presenting the current situation and proposing potential solutions to these difficulties in an area that will only become more important in the future.”

Members of the Work Foundation, the leading think tank for improving work in the UK and part of Lancaster University, will present evidence from their recent report Social care: a guide to attracting and retaining a thriving workforce, produced in collaboration with Totaljobs.

Among the panellists discussing the report’s findings and wider issues for the social care sector will be Dr Carolyn Downs, from LUMS, and Ian Crabtree, Director of Adults Disability and Care Services at Lancashire County Council.

 The event is open to all and there will be the opportunity for questions throughout.