New Portuguese ‘peri peri’ style restaurant like Nando’s set to open in Morecambe

Morecambe looks set to have its very own Nando’s style restaurant in the near future.

Thursday, 28th January 2021, 2:45 pm

The people behind Fusion Heysham and Fusion Lancaster, which offers peri peri food inspired by Portuguese cuisine, are opening a peri peri restaurant in Morecambe following the success of their takeaway business.

Owner of Fusion Heysham, Fusion Lancaster and Fusion restaurant Morecambe Marcus Harrington said: “The restaurant is still being refurbished and we are about three to four weeks away from completion. Depending on the restrictions at the time we are hoping to welcome customers from the start of April.

“We have Fusion Heysham and Fusion Lancaster takeaways already, on Heysham Road in Morecambe and Church Street in Lancaster.

The new Fusion restaurant in Morecambe on Pedder Street which is set top open in early April provided lockdown restrictions are lifted.

“The food is similar to Nando’s and the two takeaways have the same menu. At the restaurant we will have more choice on the menu.

“Myself, my business partner Chris Donaldson and our new chef Peter Whaley all went to Heysham High School.

“We’re lucky Peter has come back to Morecambe, he is putting together the restaurant menu and will be staying with us until we find our feet.

“We’ve been very fortunate. The initial plan was to open in February but we are taking our time with the renovations now because of lockdown.

Fusion restaurant in Morecambe from left: Peter Whaley (head chef), Marcus Harrington (owner) and Christopher Donaldson (area manager).

“We are pretty hopeful the restaurant will be a success. We’ve had good feedback on social media for the takeaways, we think we have a niche procduct that no-one else is doing in the area.

“Chris Donaldson has a background in fast food but I was an aircraft engineer by trade and was away from Morecambe for 17 years.

“I came back to Morecambe 10 months ago doing not very much and decided to set up a mobile bar and catering van.

“It just sort of evolved from that. Chris had the experience to help me with that.

Some of the food on offer from Fusion Heysham and Fusion Lancaster. The Fusion restaurant set to open in Morecambe will be serving peri peri food and more options.

“I could go away working on aircraft or set something up from home, so I decided to do that.

“I was born in Lancaster and live in Heysham.

“We are still growing and the fact that our shops are growing year on year confirms that we are doing something right.

“We do similar food to Nando’s, with a peri peri Portuguese background. There is peri peri chicken, pulled beef, pulled pork, halloumi cheese, wraps and kebabs, burgers, fries, sides and we also do desserts. There is the option for cool sauce, medium sauce, hot sauce and raging inferno sauce, vegetable options and we are going to have quite a large vegan menu at the restaurant. We are looking to cater for all.

“Phil Madden, a chef from the local area, I asked him do you think there is a market for peri peri food and he said we can do it no problem.

“That was two and half, three years ago. He put the takeaway menus together (cooking and recipes are not my forte) and now we have Peter to come in and expand on what Phil has done.

“Peter’s background is fine dining and it’s putting together his knowledge and experience for the menu.

“The restaurant is at the end of Pedder Street in Morecambe (formerly The Grove) 3-5 Pedder Street, and I believe there has been a restaurant there from around World War Two I think.

“The Grove was a well established place in Morecambe and it was very busy so we have taken over a good spot.

“It[‘s easily marketable. It’s good for us to have taken on an old building and put back life back into it. If the Eden Project goes ahead, we can be part of the reemergence of Morecambe.

“We are proud to be able to put some time and effort to a building that has been in Morecambe for a long time.

“Our vision is looking long term and this puts us in a good position.

“The style of the restaurant is modern, we are having a selfie wall feature with neon lights aiming for social media driven publicity.

“We will have a live Instagram on the facility so people can take photos and then they are put live on Instagram.

“We are hoping to do 50-60 covers, there is a private dining area with tables that will seat 12 people and fixed seat booths and L-shaped booths that can be divided up.

“I don’t think anywhere else in the area offers this type of food, the nearest Nando’s is Preston.

“There is also the healthy side of the food. If someone wants chicken, rice and roasted vegetables they can have that.

“We cater for both sides of the spectrum.

“You can have a main meal for 500 calories. You can have a treat but not necessarily overindulge.

“Hopefully we can open at the start of April if the UK lockdown has been lifted by then.”

You can order takeaway food from the Facebook page Fusion Heysham or Fusion Lancaster, at or via the Morecambe Eats phone app.

Check the Facebook pages or the website for updates on when the restaurant will be opening.