New Lancaster interior design firm launched for ‘any budget’

Wyona Berman-Thomas
Wyona Berman-Thomas

A new interior design company catering to clients who live “one pay packet to the next” has been launched in Lancaster.

Thrifty Interior Designs describes itself as an interior stylist that can redesign and upcycle living spaces, giving them a new lease of life.

Wyona Berman-Thomas, director at Thrifty Interior Designs, said: “Having recently divorced after a 30 year marriage, I had no choice but to use charity shops to purchase second hand furniture.

“One Sunday afternoon, the thought dawned on me to start upcycling that furniture, giving it a new lease on life”.

After telling her story to friends and colleagues, interest grew and her services were soon in demand.

At the same time, Wyona gained a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration, which has further enhanced her ability to aesthetically transform living rooms with a bespoke budget in mind.

Thrifty Interior Design focuses on clients who just don’t have the time, inclination or foresight to enhance their living spaces themselves.

Wyona added: “Our role is to help you get there with our input and to take the stress away from you whilst allowing you to come home and just unwind in a much deserved comfortable and relaxed setting.”

Wyona, who came to the UK from South Africa 19 years ago, said Thrifty Interior Designs offers a telephone interview, followed by a free initial client consultation, and then a second free client consultation is set-up, after which stylists will prepare a decorating plan around the client’s budget as well as the client’s contract.