Morecambe's 'new soundtrack' as pub bids to stop seagulls divebombing diners

A seagull deterrent installed on top of Morecambe Wetherspoons appears to be a noisy solution to driving the birds away.

By Michelle Blade
Tuesday, 12th July 2022, 12:56 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th July 2022, 12:56 pm

The ‘horrendous’ sound of a loudly screeching seagull emits from the speaker on top of the Eric Bartholomew pub every time a seagull goes near.

Eddie Gershon, Wetherspoons spokesman said: “The siren was installed as the seagulls were taking food from tables at the front of the pub.

"Also due to them circulating above the outside area there was a lot of mess being generated.

The Eric Bartholomew pub in Morecambe has installed a seagull deterrent because seagulls were divebombing diners.

"We are not aware of any complaints from customers regarding the noise.

“It is working well. I can confirm the siren at the pub has been turned down, so not as loud as it was.

"One siren is also installed at the Velvet Coaster, Blackpool.”

People took to social media to discuss the siren.

Andy Waterhouse said on Facebook: “Morecambe town centre has a new soundtrack. Screeching noises that activate when the gulls fly close to them which then act as a deterrent. The guy at the post office says they just perch up on the roofs, probably laughing.”

Diane Mitchell said: “They don’t work. We have them on the industrial estate and they totally ignore them. It’s the sound of a gull in distress. Seems the gulls are way brighter than they think.”

Nola Karalı said: “The Gulls couldn’t care less. We sat at Weathers last week having a drink in the sun, when the table next to us got up and left two gulls dive bombed the table for the leftover food. Waste of time.”

Warren Drake said: “Wondered what that noise was.... sounds horrendous….”