Engineering student from Lancaster University shortlisted for Female Undergraduate of the Year 2022

Engineering undergraduate Amaani Moress has made the top 10 shortlist for the title of Female Undergraduate of the Year 2022.

By Gayle Rouncivell
Wednesday, 20th April 2022, 2:51 pm

The competition is run by Target Jobs in partnership with Rolls Royce, which is offering the prize of a summer internship.

“I feel so immensely grateful for being shortlisted,” Amaani said. “I did not think for a single second when I applied that I would get this far, so just being in the top 10 feels surreal. The other candidates are such inspiring amazing women, and I can’t wait to meet them during the awards ceremony.

“I love engineering because it allows me to be involved in something that will not only directly impact thousands of lives, but it will last for generations to come."

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Amaani Moress.

Amaani said she had been encouraged to study engineering by her family, friends and teachers in her home town of Blackburn.

She said: “I grew up in schools and colleges where not many girls took subjects such as physics or computer science, so it was an experience for me to navigate, but I had very encouraging teachers and I was fortunate to have friends that acted as my support system.

Lancaster has been great. I’ve met some amazing people who I am lucky to call my friends that have helped me through the entire university experience. I also have some lecturers that provide me with so much support and have really ignited my passion for power engineering. I also have a great mentor that I met through the university that has aided me through the entire process.”

Prof Claudio Paoloni, head of the engineering department, said: “Amaani will be a great inspiration for all our students with her passion, enthusiasms and successes. Hopefully her achievement will encourage more women to choose a career in engineering to bring new creativity and talent.”

A spokesperson for Target Jobs said: “We work with schools and universities to encourage females and ensure that they have opportunities to maximise their potential. We hope the Female Undergraduate of the Year Award 2022 will help to celebrate the success of the many impressive females in further education and that it will also inspire young females considering their next steps and future careers.”

The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on April 29.