Bard's romcom promises a night to remember at Lancaster's Williamson Park

Forties music will be the food of love when a version of Twelfth Night set during World War Two plays on in Lancaster’s Williamson Park this June.

By Michelle Blade
Tuesday, 31st May 2022, 3:45 pm

Shakespeare’s playful romcom is brought to life by Lancaster’s own Three Left Feet theatre company who’ll be making their debut in the park from June 23-25.

They’ve set Twelfth Night in 1942 – exactly 80 years ago and 10 years before Queen Elizabeth II acceded the throne – and it will be accompanied with live music including a performance by the Aguecheek Sisters, a Shakespearian take on the Andrews Sisters.

"We chose Twelfth Night because not only is it hilarious, but fundamentally, it's also about falling in love, coping with loss, and finding one another even in the most difficult of times, which everyone can relate to, " said Elspeth Dale, Three Left Feet’s creative producer and company co-director.

Sam Pitcher as Sebastian and Jayran Lear as Viola in Three Left Feet's production of Twelfth Night which runs in Williamson Park from June 23-25.

“The way we perform it will be very accessible too.”

Twelfth Night will be presented in The Dell where romance is in the air. The general is in love with the commander. The commander is in love with the general's new officer and the general's new officer… is confused.

Shipwrecked and alone, young officer Viola swaps her naval beret for military khakis as she disguises herself as a man to gain work with the Illyrian forces.

However, all is not as it seems…Flung into the middle of lovesick leaders, mischievous meddling, and a bizarre case of mistaken identity, will Viola be able to keep her secret – or will the pesky business of love get in the way?

A scene from Twelfth Night which will be performed in Lancaster's Williamson Park from June 23-25.

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Twelfth Night will be performed in Lancaster's Williamson Park from June 23-25.