Lancashire’s Guinness World Record holders

Guinness World Records is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its first published edition in 2015.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 27th August 2015, 11:41 am
Cover of Guinness World Records 2015
Cover of Guinness World Records 2015

The idea for the Guinness World Records book began in the early 1950s when Sir Hugh Beaver the then Managing Director of the Guinness Brewery, attended a shooting party. There, he and his hosts had an argument about the fastest game bird in Europe, and failed to find an answer in any book.

In 1954, recalling this argument, Sir Hugh had the idea for a Guinness promotion based on the idea of settling pub arguments and invited the twins Norris and Ross McWhirter to compile the book of facts and figures that we know today.

To celebrate this milestone in record breaking history, we searched for records held in Lancashire and chose some our favourites to share with you.

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Lancashire’s record breakers (All records collated from the Guinness World Records website)

Most water rockets launched in 24 hours (multiple venues)

University of Central Lancashire on 05 July 2012

The most water rockets launched in 24 hours at multiple venues is 2,531 and was achieved by University of Central Lancashire at venues throughout the world, on 5 July 2012. This record attempt took place to raise awareness into physics research, specifically the launch of the UCLAN -NASA HI-C Solar observing mission. The attempt took place in venues across the world from primary schools to science museums.

Steve Whiteley set the World Record for Single Thumb Press-ups

Most expensive meat pie

Fence Gate Inn, Burnley on 14 November 2005

The most expensive pie cost customers to the Fence Gate Inn, Burnley £8,195 or £1,024 per slice when ordered by eight guests. The pie’s ingredients includes £500 worth of Japanese wagyu beef fillet, Chinese matsutake mushrooms (£500 per 1kg), Winter Black truffles, French Bluefoot mushrooms at £200 per 1 kg, gravy made from two bottles of vintage 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine at £1,000 each and finally the pastry topped with edible gold leaf costing £100 per sheet.

Most varieties of gin commercially available

Kevin Berkins, Burnley on 20 February 2015

The most varieties of gin commercially available is 623, achieved by Kevin Berkins, at the Fence Gate Inn in Burnley, as verified on 1 July 2015.

Highest score on Wii Fit Plus Hula Hooping (Wii)

Lydia Finn, Lancashire on 10 February 2015

The highest score on Wii Fit Plus Hula Hooping is 333 and was achieved by Lydia Finn on 10 February 2015.

Highest egg drop (unprotected)

David Donoghue, Blackpool on 22 August 1994

The greatest height from which fresh eggs have been dropped (to earth) and remained intact is 213 m (700 ft), by David Donoghue from a helicopter onto a golf course at Blackpool.

Most two finger push ups (two arms) in one minute

Steve Whiteley, Chorley on 09 June 2013

The most two finger push ups (two arms) in one minute is 35 and was achieved by Steve Whiteley at St. George’s Church Hall in Chorley, Lancashire, UK on 9 June 2013. Steve made the record attempt to raise money for Derian House children’s hospice.

First test tube baby

Louise Brown, Oldham, 25 July 1978

Louise Brown was delivered by Caesarean section from Lesley Brown, in Oldham General Hospital at 11.47pm on 25 July 1978 weighing 2.6 kg (5 lb 12 oz).

Largest hotpot

Garstang and District Partnership on 10 October 2007

The largest hotpot ever made weighed 208.904 kg (460 lb 8 oz) by Garstang and District Partnership in Garstang. It was prepared by Army chefs Nik Smith and Mick Watson, Andrew Winder from Lancaster and Morecambe College, local cook Avis Jones and a team of volunteers.

Most Candyfloss made in 90 minutes

Peggy Chadwick, Blackpool on 31 August 2001

The record for the most candyfloss made in 90 minutes is 204. This record was achieved by Peggy Chadwick of Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Tallest tomato plant

Nutriculture Ltd, Mawdesley on 11 May 2000.

A tomato plant grown by Nutriculture Ltd and reached a height of 19.8 m (65 ft).

Largest egg and spoon race

Morecambe Community High School, Morecambe 23 March 2012

The largest egg and spoon race involved 1,445 participants and was achieved by Morecambe Community High School. Cameron Ball was the winner of the race with a time of 28.59 seconds.