Stranger Things season two release date announced

Anyone else excited?Anyone else excited?
Anyone else excited?
The new Stranger Things trailer may not have given much away, but fans of the series are already getting excited about the next instalment.

Season two of the hit Netflix sci-fi series now has a release date of October 27, but little can be gleaned from the clip accompanying the date announcement about what the plot will involve.

With the warning "1984 only gets stranger", the promo clip features the series' theme music and shows the four child stars cycling along a deserted road under a menacing red sky.

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However, the lack of detail did not stop fan excitement over what season two would bring.

Viewers who loved the 80s-set series shared that they could not wait to see what happened next.

People are expecting big things from season two, even with just one image to go on.

Others were already prepping for a binge watch.

The return of the series had originally been expected for Halloween, but fans will be pleased to know that they have four fewer days to wait before they find out more about the alternate universe that claimed various characters in the drama.