New streaming service established by Morecambe-based performer to be launched in March

It is an overused phrase, but necessity is truly the mother of invention.

Thursday, 4th February 2021, 12:42 pm

When Covid struck, many UK performers saw their income quickly erode.

Morecambe-based performer, and co-founder of the Morecambe Fringe, Matt Panesh has established a new streaming service along with a group of theatre and media professionals based in Indiana, USA.

The new service is appropriately named Brit-Com.

"The Two Ply's of Coronet County" puppet show is about a family of toilet paper rolls.

“When Covid hit last year, it obviously changed everything for everyone, Harena Data and the IndyFringe Festival in Indianapolis approached me back in March with an idea for artists to shift focus and create new revenue streams and audiences for fringe performers. That original idea quickly evolved into Brit-Com,” said Matt Panesh programme director of the new service.

To date, Brit-Com has acquired 19 shows including three six-part serials ranging from established performers like Chris Lynam.

His 90s show Extravaganza! was filmed for Yorkshire TV but following a series of unfortunate events never broadcast.

Brit-Com also features re-voiced sci-fi films - The Monster from Green Hell is the first in the series and features members of the Bonzo Doo Dah Band, as well as Matt Panesh’s own Greyhound show filmed live in Edinburgh.

Also being offered is Dandy Darkly, a globally popular Fringe performer who is gifting Brit-Com with his Covid inspired animated series in his front room in Los Angeles. The Two Ply’s of Coronet County is about a family of toilet paper rolls.

The show follows the familial travails of a “southern gothic, dystopian, toilet paper roll soap opera” created in Dandy’s Los Angeles home during the pandemic.

It is one among the many shorts encompassing spoken word, theatrical monologues and what has been described as ‘innovative emerging cinema’.

Brit-Com also features shorts encompassing spoken word, theatrical monologues and innovative emerging cinema.

The goal of Brit-Com is to make the world laugh and be exposed to cutting edge performances not generally seen on commercial channels.

This service is intended to provide both revenue and exposure for performers who are really being hurt by the pandemic.

It is also designed as a platform for globally emerging comedic performers. The new streaming service launches in March and can be accessed on Amazon Prime, Roku and TikTok.