First reviews in as Morecambe Fringe festival launches

Morecambe Fringe festival launched this weekend and reviews of acts have been pouring in.

Director Matt Panesh said: “It was perfect. Morecambe hosted the Catch the Wind Festival by More Music and the Music Festival itself. “The whole town was thrumming.

“The Fringe naturally sits alongside other events, as in Edinburgh, their Fringe sits alongside the international Festival.

“Both celebrating their 75th birthdays, as we celebrate our fifth.

Nicola Houghton at the West End Playhouse.

“It's really easy to take part. Show your Fringe Badges to gain entry and either reserve your seats for the shows for £5 or donate what you think it's worth directly to the artists at the end. We give the artists all of the money donated. Fringe badges can be purchased from the venues for £5.

“We have over twenty shows this week, ranging from people trying out their first shows, to seasoned professionals heading to Edinburgh. Something for everyone from comedy, spoken word, music, theatre and true stories. Programmes can be picked up from the Morecambe Visitor Centre or the Playhouse.”


It’s all Gravy/Nicola HoughtonComedyThis performance sparkled showing professional competence throughout. Nicola, a stand-up comedian, has also worked in production on comedies such as “Motherland” and “Friday Night Dinner”. Her experience most certainly provided a sound foundation for this witty entertainment, the basis of which was her working-class journey from Radcliffe to the middle classes of Tooting. Her delivery was light and bright maintaining a flawless tempo and flow that captivated the Audience. I for one look forward to seeing more from this vibrant performer.4/5Bryan Griffin

Becky Fury at the West End Playhouse.

C*nt!/Becky Fury


Returning to Morecambe fringe Becky Fury was a performer on my must see list for this year’s program. Yes the show is an exploration of THAT world it’s honest informative uncompromising and incredibly funny. I went to see the show both nights it was on and got so much out of each performance the show is still at a work in progress stage , and Becky talking around the subject produced some of the best moments each night. A definite must see in Edinburgh


Pauline Vallence at Morecambe Fringe Festival.

Christian Ainscough

What the Bronte’s did at the fringe/Pauline VallanceStorytelling and musicPauline an Award-winning singer-songwriter provided originality in this her first scripted show. Her undoubted love and knowledge of the Bronte’s added a fine lustre to her performance. What gave great interest to the show was the clever introduction of the lives of the Bronte Sisters to the modern World. The character of Charlotte Bronte narrated this journey along with her reaction to the literary scene. What raised this whimsical fantasy was the introduction of some wonderful themed songs accompanied by the Harp. The delivery was pitched light enough to stop the sadness of their lives from being mordent. Enjoyable and enlightening.3/5

Bryan Griffin

Bryan Griffin and Matt Panesh

Charmian Hughes at Morecambe Fringe Festival.

A tale of 2 poets both filling a fringe slot at the last minute, up first Bryan Sydney Griffin reading works from his latest book Word Dancing ( co authored with another fringe performer Rowland Crowland) and old favourites in a wonderfully rich and eloquent way, a consummate showman, audience participation was also brought into a great start to the evening. Fringe Festival director Matt Panesh was up next giving a fiery impassioned and politically charged barnstorming set interspersed with great humour and anecdotes linking each poem, particular highlight was St George . This double might have been a late addition but it was a great addition to the fringe programme


Christian Ainscough

Comedy Hypnosis/Jason Simmons


With easy going charm and friendly banter Jason Simmons relaxes the audience in what turns out to be a genuinely warm and safe exploration of hypnosis with some close-up magic tricks thrown in at the end. The volunteers were appreciated and applauded as he stated, "Without you taking part it would just be a lecture on Hypnosis." His love of the subject shines and his demeanour reassures you. He's a real safe pair of hands.


Simeon Word

Talking myself out of trouble/Leon the Pig Farmer.

I was immediately captivated by his deep, compelling backstory before he stepped into the word of poetry. He spoke at a skillful speed, yet used formidable diction which immediately kept me attentive as he built an insight of his mind around the audience. Mr. Horner’s performance had a stable balance of light and dark. As he used his cheek and funny insights whilst discussing harsh realities. The performance is very educational in regards to mental health, one poem I would like to mention is his piece called ‘Flashbacks’, as he gives a descriptive awareness to how some people experience ptsd. It is an emotional and insightful work of art, and very informative.


Morgan Logan.

She! Immortal horror Queen's guide to Life/Charmian Hughes

You are met with a warm smile as soon as she enters the stage, emitting a lovely stage presence which automatically keeps the audience engaged. Mrs. Hughes uses her charming and quick-witted sense of humour to recall her past experiences growing up. Although some parts I was too young to fully understand the references to, I was still vastly enjoying her jokes and excellent comedic timing. I was laughing from beginning to end, a smile not once leaving my face for the duration of her performance. She was very attentive to the audience, ensuring they all felt involved. Mrs. Hughes is a woman of many talents, such as her delightful voice acting when performing her bit with the colossal squid. A truly iconic part of her performance.


Morgan Logan.