Book review: Pirates in pyjamas and a zany zebra with Little Tiger Press

Summer is set to be a roaring success as Little Tiger roll out more of their enchanting picture books.
Pirates in pyjamas and a zany zebra with Little Tiger PressPirates in pyjamas and a zany zebra with Little Tiger Press
Pirates in pyjamas and a zany zebra with Little Tiger Press

Hot off the presses this month are adventures with a crew of potty pirates on a madcap bedtime escapade and a pet-mad girl with a two-tone dream.

Age 3-6

Pirates in Pyjamas Written by Caroline Crowe and illustrated by Tom Knight

A pirate in a onesie? Surely not…

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Leap aboard and enjoy some swashbuckling, jazzy jim-jams fun with a crew of cutlass-wielding buccaneers as they push the boat out for a pyjama party like no other!

Your little ones will never have seen a bedtime bash quite like this one as author Caroline Crowe sets off at a rate of knots for this gorgeous rhyming romp across an ocean of wallops, whacks and laughs.

If you have ever wondered whether pirates wear pyjamas when it’s time to say goodnight, then set sail on board the Leaky Parrot to find out. Captain Grotbeard, Rotten Roger, Hairy Hank and the rest of the motley crew love nothing better than bubble baths, jim-jams and pillow fights. So if you want to be a pirate you don’t need a patch or sword, just grab your best pyjamas and a bed to climb aboard.

With a rhyme that flows, a story that is full to the gunwales with larks and laughter, and a tidal wave of big, bold and busy illustrations from Tom Knight, everyone will love shaking a leg as the pirates get into their stride.

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And a cosy, cuddly, sleepy ending makes this the perfect bedtime wind-down for your own little pirates…

(Little Tiger, hardback, £10.99)

Age 3-6

Katie McGinty Wants a Pet! by Jenna Harrington and Finn Simpson

Buying a new pet isn’t as straightforward as Katie McGinty’s dad had hoped…

But it’s a black and white case as far as this feisty little girl is concerned because what she really wants is… a zebra.

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Any parent who has been nagged for pet – and any child who really, really wants one – will simply love cute little Katie who can only see stripes when it comes to picking a pet.

Katie McGinty has waited years to be big enough to have her very own pet. But she doesn’t want an ordinary pet. Hamsters, cats and dogs are a no, no. What she wants more than anything else in the world is a zebra, a zebra who slurps spaghetti and has a penchant for pizza, sleeps in her bunk bed and swims in the local swimming pool. And Katie is determined she’s not leaving the shop without one… or maybe even two!

Finn Simpson provides the quirky, characterful illustrations for an enchanting picture book that is brimming with stripy humour and animal antics, and has a delightful twist in its playful tail.

(Little Tiger, paperback, £6.99)

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