Book review: Creative and Therapeutic Colouring for Grown-Ups from Michael O’Mara Books

Feeling stressed, need to unwind, want to unleash your inner creativity… then get yourself a gorgeous colouring book!

Thursday, 9th October 2014, 10:00 am
Creative and Therapeutic Colouring for Grown-Ups from Michael OMara Books
Creative and Therapeutic Colouring for Grown-Ups from Michael OMara Books

Yes, grown-up colouring books are all the fashion now for frazzled adults who need to switch off from busy lives and escape into mental and physical relaxation. Doodling and colouring have long been known to enhance the thought processes and provide a calming yet highly creative way to free the mind.

Independent publishing house Michael O’Mara Books has established a reputation for its highly original, entertaining and educational selection of books from biographies and pop culture to nostalgia, humour and children’s titles.

And a stunning selection of beautifully produced and highly original colouring books is a typical example of its mission to bring readers both class and innovation. With hundreds of detailed and intricate patterns and pictures just waiting to be carefully coloured in, these amazing books are the ideal way to get creative, relax and enjoy.

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The designs, ranging from beautiful flowers and leaves to graphic swirls and geometric patterns, are printed on high quality paper that will not bleed colour and can be used as part of other craft projects.

There really is something for everyone to colour here… frame your designs, use them as a base for a larger canvas or simply colour in each page and let the book build into a piece of work that you can truly call your own.

Creative Therapy Colouring Book

Hannah Davies, Richard Merritt and Jo Taylor

This incredible, giant-size ‘box of delights’ is the latest addition to the range of colouring books and builds imaginatively on the therapeutic theme.

Perfect for de-stressing, the robust, hardback book is wonderfully sophisticated and highly detailed, giving you the chance to create some truly spectacular images whilst lifting your mood and focusing your mind.

Divided into colouring and doodling sections and with scenes varying from magnificent beasts such as lions, tigers, giraffes and flamingos to intricate geometric designs and oriental patterns, the activities are guaranteed to help relax a busy mind.

The flowing lines, sweeping swirls and highly-detailed patterns on every illustration have been created so that anyone and everyone can enjoy making something unique, beautiful and calming.

You don’t need to be an expert artist to enjoy colouring and there’s no need for expensive equipment… so what are you waiting for?

(Michael O’Mara, hardback, £12.99)

Glorious Gardens: Creative Colouring for Grown-Ups

Glorious Gardens combines the calming influences of nature and the great outdoors to create a truly delightful colouring experience.

Let nature’s beauty inspire you as you colour in and complete the beautiful and intricate patterns and shapes in this book. Glorious Gardens uses Mother Nature as its starting point in providing only the most organic and vibrant illustrations imaginable so you can unwind and relax as you embrace your artistic side. With over 100 pages to colour, you’ll never get tired of trawling the depths of your creative spirit.

Filled with stunning illustrations of flowers and gardens, this is the perfect gift for any budding artist or nature lover.

(Michael O’Mara, paperback, £9.99)

Beautiful Patterns: Creative Colouring for Grown-Ups

Imagine the most beautiful patterns all in one book and the chance to add colour and life to them however and whenever you feel inspired. In this uniquely uplifting book there are also over 100 detailed patterns to colour, providing endless entertainment and inspiration for craft projects.

No matter what shape or form you prefer, there is something here to suit every taste.

(Michael O’Mara, paperback, £9.99)