Disability Explored through Art exhibition to be displayed at Bay Health Festival in Lancaster

An art exhibition showcasing ability ahead of disability is being displayed at the Bay Health Festival in Lancaster next month, ahead of being taken to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

A series of works from people with different types of disability has been brought together by Dr Leighanne Higgins from Lancaster University Management School, as part of a project exploring disabled people’s experiences of the commercial world.

The thirty-six artworks tell of disabled people’s experiences across retail, hospitality, tourism and care services and include photos, sculptures, paintings, poetry, music, songs and dance routines.

Dr Higgins said: “Working with the disabled community has been a fantastic experience. A wide variety of people have been kind enough to get involved, including those with physical, cognitive and learning disabilities; including cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, visual impairments and autism. They have produced a real mix of works including wheelchair paintings, poetry and sculptures - which are absolutely fantastic.”

Dr Leighanne Higgins art exhibition - Autumn and Patience, wheelchair paintings created by Nicki, representing her experiences with care services in the UK.

Within the collection are works by Piccadilly Support Services, from Lancaster, who work to provide support for people with autism, and Unique Kidz & Co, from Morecambe, who work with disabled children and young people to provide play and social activities.

The Marketplace & I: Commercial Experiences of Disability Explored through Art will be fully accessible and open to all at the Gregson Community and Arts Centre on Moorgate in Lancaster between July 8-14 2022.

It will then be set up at The Whitespace Gallery in East Crosscauseway in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from August 13-24 2022.

Dr Leighanne Higgins art exhibition - banner and exhibition space from 2019 .