Don’t Knock the teachers’ band

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LANCASTER teachers’ punk band Don’t Knock will make a long-awaited second appearance at Lancaster Royal Grammar School’s Sixth Form Charity Concert on April 6 and 7.

After last year’s “blistering début”, Don’t Knock have not established themselves firmly on the national music scene yet but boast a new line-up.

Still fronted by charismatic lead vocalist Stuart Gorse, and accompanied by mercurial guitarists Steve Blackwell and Tony Burns, Don’t Knock have recently signed up the versatile Patri Peñarrocha and the quirky Andy MacDonald on drums.

It is also rumoured that the band, most of whom are in their forties, will be performing their new single I Want to be a Celebrity at some stage during the evening.

Stuart said: “We are a band who, like many who have gone before us, are still writing about issues that concern the youth of today - love, angst, rebellion - but sadly we are writing not as teenagers but as parents of teenagers.

See the Lancaster Guardian (01-04-11) for full story.