Quay future put at risk

The scene of the double decker bus smash underneath Dameside Bridge on St George's Quay.
The scene of the double decker bus smash underneath Dameside Bridge on St George's Quay.

Regarding M Tarney’s letter (Block the cyclepath, May 15).

I fully agree. For two years I have been campaigning for the removal of the bridge at Damside Street.

The City Council say that road safety is the responsibility of the County Council. The County Council say that the bridge is owned by the city and they have no authority to instruct them to remove it.

Approaches to the City and County Councillors for this area have resulted in apathy.

I produced sketches of a feasible scheme to replace the bridge with a ramp on the Priory side of Damside Street and a pedestrian crossing to link this to the existing spur from the Millennium Bridge.

The additional benefit is that this would serve the needs of people who want access to the bus station and the lower end of town, who currently scramble down the bank on an unofficial path.

Because I had minimal response from the County Councillor, I contacted the Cabinet Member for Highways at the County Council.

The synopsis of this is that the Lancaster District Officers’ Road Safety Group decided that my suggestion would be detrimental to the strategic cycle route network.

I cannot find who this group is, or what their terms of reference are. I thought that the County Council is responsible for road safety matters.

On the issue of the safety impact of large vehicles having to use Market Street, Meeting House Lane, Station Road, West Road and Lune Street, passing through busy areas, residential areas having a school and an old people’s home, I was told that this has a good safety record.

This does not evaluate the hazard. Records only change when something happens. This means that someone pays, potentially with their life. The bridge in question cannot have a good safety record.

I cannot understand why a large development is being constructed on the Quay, together with a business park, all generating traffic, some of which is very big, without adequate access.

My understanding is that any development proposal has to be approved by the Highway Authority before consent can be given. There is no strategy for dealing with this traffic.

I am told that the Heysham – M6 Link Road has the potential to attract businesses and their heavy vehicles away from the Quay, to other locations. This could potentially close the business park? Is this planning?

D Herrod

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