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Michael Pugh

Two big annual events happen in the village in this month.

Saturday, August 18, saw the Overwyresdale Horticultural Show held in the Parish Hall. Lots of preparation – and some stress - went into the exhibits by all ages.

Fiona Rhodes, Secretary of the show, reported an increase in participation: “We had 114 people taking part, certainly more than in recent years, although the total number of entries was slightly down on last year.”

Thankfully, the spell of rain at the end of the month replenished the Tarnbook Wyre in time for the Duck Race on Sunday 31st.

Over 150 ducks took part in the race, ‘sponsored’ by local residents and visitors.

Catching all the ducks at the end before they disappear under Stoop Bridge was, as usual, the entertainment highlight.

The winner (no. 45) was ‘owned’ by Jennifer Isles from Greenhalgh, who had been one of the judges at the Show. Second was Edwin Drinkwater (no.1) and Third prize went to Edward Sykes (no. 60) from Morecambe. The bobby prize for last duck to finish was won by Jack Wilson.


Derek Coultherd

Austwick Parish Hall is holding a coffee morning on Saturday, September 6, from 10am - 12pm and with stalls of books, games, toys, cakes, plus a raffle.

All donations for any of the stalls would be most welcome but no clothes please.

If you would like items collected phone Sue Sharples on 015242 51375 or you can drop them off on Friday, September 5, at the Hall between 6 and 8 pm.

There will be Holy Communion at Austwick and Eldroth Church’s at 9.30am on Sunday.

On Monday, September 8 the choir begins preparing for Harvest. Remembrance and Christmas rehearsals begin children at 6pm and 6-30 for adults – all in the vicarage.


Val Lawson

At Bentham Town Council notes of the Meeting with Paul Ellis, Craven District Council’s director of services, regarding their plans to reconsider proposals to introduce pay and display on Grasmere Drive Car Park.

Mr Ellis explained that this subject will be taken to the policy committee on 19 August 19 to request the introduction of Pay & Display parking on council-owned car parks at Grasmere Drive (Bentham), North Street (Gargrave), Hall Street and Milligans Field

In Bentham the proposals are to charge between 10am and 4pm, 7 days a week at a cost of 20p for the first half hour, 50p for the first hour, up to £3.60 for more than 4 hours. The other car parks will remain free.

The Craven parking strategy is to support the local community while shifting the costs to users and managing assets better.

Charging will improve the turnover of vehicles and improve access of shoppers to parking. It will also allow investment back into the car parks, reduce the liability risk of low maintenance and improve the asset.

This subject has been considered a number of times as car park maintenance costs Craven some £300,000 per year.

Grasmere Drive is a small car park of 47 spaces which will cost £7K / year to maintain with a predicted income of £9K / year. Currently 80%

Mr Ellis did agree to look at the proposed 1.5tonne limit on private vehicles as it was suggested that this would prevent some 4X4s parking and would certainly exclude workers vans from the car park.

A member of the Extra Care committee in Bentham encouraged the council to support the NYCC proposal for development of the High Bentham school playing field for Extra Care housing.

For the police Sgt Hill reported that between 1 July and 1 August there were 66 recorded incidents in Bentham of which nine were crimes, five were domestic incidents, five were missing from homes and two sudden deaths. The level of crime seemed quite high but two incident were from care home12

County Coun Ireton confirmed that NYCC were actually looking for 50 extra care units throughout the county, but that Bentham/Ingleton was a high priority because of the closure of Abbeyfield and Reid House, however the initial partner had dropped out and a new provider is being sought.

He had also taken James Malcolm from NYCC Highways around North Carven looking at the worst unresolved potholes etc, including the problems on Parkfoot.

It was noted that an increased budget has been provided for road repairs, but that there was no scheme to alleviate the subsidence at present.

Coun Barrington said that the next Local Plan consultation would be out shortly following a meeting of the Spatial Planning Committee on August 18, and that the new plan recognises the need for a communal open space in Bentham with areas on Duke Street and Station Road being considered.

She also said that Charles Graham Robertson VC had been identified as being born in Bentham (Wenning Avenue), meaning that the town qualified for a commemorative plaque which should be installed by Craven close to the centenary time his Victoria Cross was awarded in 2018.

The clerk explained that this subject would be on the September agenda.

Coun Brockbank had chased a response regarding the Green Dog Walking Scheme, explaining that a change in responsibilities at Craven had delayed any actions.

Planning applications: 53.1.1. 08/2014/14774 Proposed stables for private use at Mill Dam Farmhouse, Mewith, Bentham.

53.1.2. 08/2014/14788 Erection of upvc conservatory to rear of 18 Butterbergh, High Bentham, no objections.

53.1.3. 08/2014/14883 Outline planning permission for construction of a detached 4-bed dwelling with integral double garage at Greenfoot Lane, Low Bentham. Two letters of objection had been received, both pointingout that the plot is on Greenhead Lane, not Greenfoot Lane, and that the unadopted, unmade track is unsuitable for more traffic.

One also commented that the field contains the septic tank for 4 dwellings and that the increased run off into the beck could cause flooding problems. The council noted that the latter two points were not planning issues, but agreed that access could be a problem and would need upgrading.

Resolved: That the council ask for the poor access to be taken into account when the application is considered.

In reports on proposed reduction in urban grass Cutting in 2015.

The clerk agreed to get quotes for the next Open Spaces meeting to consider, so that a proposal can be brought to the precept meeting to take over some or all of this grass cutting according to

Agreed that the Open Spaces Committee meeting be held in November once the full information on changes to urban grass cutting are available from NYCC

To receive a response from NYCC Highways regarding the request for a meeting to explore the feasibility of a 20mph zone in High Bentham and agree a response, if any.

NYCC Highways says Bentham does not meet their criteria for a 20mph zone but would be happy to meet Cllrs. It was agreed that this would be useful as NYCC’s stance on 20mph zones seems different to other counties.

Agreed that a meeting be arranged with NYCC Highways.

To receive an update on the request for better signage and hedge cutting on the B6480 at St Johns Church

The clerk had written to both NYCC Highways and the Witherslack Group. As a result part of the hedge, close to Glebe House, has been reduced and one sign re-discovered.

The highways officer had confirmed that the hedges were the responsibility of the landowner, and asked for details so that he could contact them.

The clerk had already supplied this information again. It was agreed that the Witherslack Group should be thanked for the work to date, and asked to continue by reducing the hedge along the playing field.

Agreed that the Witherslack Group be thanked for the work to date and requested to continue lowering the rest of the hedge.

To receive an update on the requested footpath works in Low Bentham and at Cowslip Hill.

Both the steps at Low Bentham and the bridge at Cowslip Hill have been repaired making the footpaths safer.

To receive notice of closure of the B6480 outside the Co-op on Thursday, September 18, 1am to 6pm and on Monday, September 22, 5pm - 9pm.

To receive notice that work will soon beging on the road and pavement for alterations.

A timetable of works will be provided and information will be put in Bentham News by NYCC Highways.

Agreed that NYCC Highways be asked to include a temporary bus stop and take account of pushchairs when making the pedestrian access.

To note that the Land Registry search for the Station Approach shows no title is held.

Agreed that Northern Rail, Network Rail and Angus Fire be invited to a meeting to try and find a way forward to get the area adopted by NYCC Highways.

Agreed that NYCC Highways be asked to look at the pothole repair at Pinewood Cottages which has not addressed the underlying subsidence problem.

To receive an update on the request to Craven for more information on the Green Dog Walkers Scheme and possible implementation in 

The clerk explained that she had expected to have received information from Craven before the meeting, but it had not arrived so this subject would need to be considered at a later date.

To receive a special motion for the re-discussion of the damage to the Lower Hall Galley following a further letter from Low Bentham 

A letter had been received with a cheque for £87.50, half the cost of the repair. It was suggested by some councillors that this should be accepted as full and final payment by the council.

Others believed that it was fair and reasonable to expect the Low Bentham WI to pay for the full repair as had been done by other organisations damaging the town hall, accidentally or otherwise, as the only alternative was for the rate payers of Bentham to foot the bill which was deemed unreasonable.

The proposal that the payment should be accepted as full and final payment was put to the ote and defeated 3 : 6.

It was agreed that the cheque should be returned and the Low Bentham WI be asked for the the full amount.

To discuss the recording of attendance at council meetings as requested by Coun Townson who asked for a more regular publication of attendance at meetings to enable residents to see who is present and absent, and suggested that this could be published monthly on the notice boards rather than just at the annual parish meeting as currently happens.

In the ensuing discussion it was pointed out that all councillors are volunteers who also have outside commitments, so that attendance is not always possible, and that whether a councillors was present at a meeting or not is readily available from the minutes and the Bentham News report.

It was proposed that, to increase access to the figures, the annual attendance could be published on the notice boards after the annula parish meeting.

To reconsider the options to renew the Fixed Price Electricity Plan which expires in October, comparing options from EOn and SWALEC, and agree a way forward. Agreed that the council sign up to a three-year fixed deal with SWALEC.

It was agreed that the heating system improvement for the Community Youth Building be passed to the building committee with the authority to agree the expenditure up to the original quote.

To receive information from NYCC regarding the disposal of playing field land at High Bentham Primary School with a view to providing a development partner, future planning permission, and to agree a response on the proposed disposal.

To consider a response to the NY Police proposed Operational Policing Model 2016, which includes the possible closure of the Skipton Custody Suite.

The council was strongly opposed to this move as it will be a three-hour round trip for local police once an arrest has been made, quite apart from the problems associated with getting back from Harrogate for those there, whether charged or not.

It was also noted that a reduction in the number of sergeants will make police management in the area very remote and lead to lack of cover which will reduce the police service, which is already limited.

Agreed that the council strongly oppose the proposed changes to local policing.

To receive a request to take part in Commonwealth Day on March 9, 2015.

Agreed that this subject be added to the September agenda alongside the subject of flag flying from the town hall in general.

To receive an invitation for individual councillors to sign up to North Yorkshire’s Citizens’ Panel - received.

To note that the Craven Community Champion Awards 2014 are open until 5 September 2014 - noted.


Karen Hillis

On Friday, September 5, Holy Trinity church at Bolton-le-Sands will be having a campfire social at Red Bank Headland from 7pm. There will be an open BBQ, live music and worship.

Please bring your own food and any musical instruments.

On Saturday, September 20, Holy Trinity Church are having an open day in church to raise awareness of their Raise the Roof, Open the Door Appeal.

They would like people to lend the church photographs of baptisms, weddings and special occasions that anyone may have had in church.

These photographs will be part of a large display to show what the church means to its congregation.

If you have any questions please contact Karen Hillis on 824001 or Nikki Garnett on 825484.

The open day will be from 11am till 3pm and everyone is very welcome to visit the church and to see how they can help us preserve 
the church for future generations.


Jay Barkley

A change has been made to the programme for the meeting on September 4 in the Village Hall. The talk will be ‘Anecdotes and Reflections on a Naval Career’ by Admiral Sir John Kerr. The meeting starts at 7.30pm and visitors are welcome at £2.50 including tea/coffee and biscuits.

The meeting on October 2 will be Ann Parker demonstrating sugarcraft and visitors are welcome.


The proposal to set up a community owned and run shop and office looks viable given sufficient support from the community.

There will be a public meeting this Saturday, September 6 from 2-4pm in the village hall to present the findings of the steering group’s feasibility study and put further development of the proposal to the vote.

A draft business plan,incorporating the study will be available in time for the meeting. For a pdf version email or phone Don Gamble on 015242 51775

Agriculture and Rural Society 1780-1914 -social change affecting the Lune Valley and Cumbria, will be the topic for the Clapham Lecture this Autumn. The lecturer will be Michael Winstanley and they begin on Tues Sept 9 for 5 weeks to Oct 7 then Nov 4 for 5 weeks to Dec 2.The venue is Clapham Primary School and the cost £50 (more information ring Clapham 51323 or 51324

Tickets are now on sale for a ceilidh with music by ‘Buttered Peas’ at Clapham Village Hall on Saturday September 27 .Tickets cost £8 including supper(bring your own drinks and glasses)and are available from Sue Mann and church members.

The flower,refreshment and brass rotas for St James’ have been suspended and the church is closed to visitors until December19 whilst important building and restoration work is carried out.


John Bateman

The first quiz of the new season will be held in the Smithy Inn on Thursday, September 11, starting at 8.30pm.

The proceeds from this quiz will go towards the Village Firework Display in November which costs in the region of £1750 to put on so come and support this quiz to raise as much money as possible.

As invited SSAFA will be joining with the Army Reserves and R.A.F. Cadets for the 100 Years Remembrance event on September 13 from 2-5 pm on The Sports Field, Milnthorpe Road, Holme.

Activities will be for both children and adults including indoor hockey in nets, assault course, memorabilia of the two world wars, information from both the Army and R.A.F. Cadets will be available.

Also, the army will have many examples of how today’s service lives.

Includied will be display Armoured equipment including two 15 ton trucks with eight wheels and radios that can be taken round the field .

The Archery Club, First Responders, Refreshments and Raffles will also be on site making an informative and enjoyable afternoon.


Chris Kynch

For the first of the 2014/15 programme, Hornby Flower Club welcomes John Thexton who will give a demonstration themed ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ at 7.30pm on Thursday, September 11 in Hornby Institute.

John is a well known flower arranger from the north west area of flower arranging societies NAFAS. He is also a keen gardener with a five acre garden which is full of unusual plants, flowers and foliage and which he may use in the demonstration.

Mr Norman Godfrey will provide a film with music for Hornby Pensioners on September 9 at 7pm in Hornby Institute. This will be followed by a Jacob’s Join supper.


Caroline Thompson

Hopefully the weather reports will be correct and Horton-in-Ribblesdale show on Saturday, September 6 will take place in the midst of an Indian summer.

The event will be held in the Village school and adjoining grounds and field.

Sheep judging and Vintage machinery judging will commence from 11am and the school and marquee will open for viewing of indoor exhibits at lunchtime.

Dogs and pets will be judged at 2pm on the field with entries taken on the day.

On field catering by the friends of Horton school will take place from mid morning onwards.

Presentation of the trophies will be held at approximately 3pm.

Enquiries regarding trade stands and stalls or any offers of help please contact the secretary Paula Swainson 01729 860435.

The church service on Sunday, September 7, will be held in St. Oswalds church at 6.30pm.


Sue Brown

The forthcoming films shows at the Community Centre will be,The Butler on Thursday, September 11, The Invisible Woman on Friday, October 17, and The Monuments Men on Friday, November 21,all starting at 7pm and tickets £5 available from Ingleborough Community centre.

The Ingleton and Thornton Old People’s Welfare Association summer outing took place recently when two of Bibby’s coaches took 99 people to Ripon in bright sunshine.

Two hours were spent looking round the market, shops and cathedral and taking light refreshment..The journey continued to Tennants of Leyburn where a hot meal was provided..

Rodney Tennant then showed people the almost completed eight million pound spectacular development of glass and stainless steel staircases,, cafe, restaurant and function hall.

The journey home via Hawes was enhanced by the golden glow of sunset bathing the hillsides. members agreed that it had been a good day out.

A jumble sale will be held on October 18 to raise funds for the Christmas party on Friday, December 12.

St Mary’s Church jumble sale will be held on September 13 to raise funds for the upkeep of the church roof. Donations for the cake stall, raffle and tombola and of course good quality jumble will be gratefully received.


David Hasted

Overton & District Horticultural Society held its 69th Annual Show on August 30. The results are:

Local Flowers

Best Kept Flower Garden: 1 Mrs June Clarkson 2 Pat Arland 3 Mr & Mrs Hutchinson; Best Baskets & Containers: 1 Ken Fox 2 Mary Ross 3 Mr & Mrs Hutchinson; Flowering Pot Plant: 1 John Speak 2 John Speak; Vase Mixed Flowers: 1 John Speak 2 Jan Harker; Three Large HT Roses: 1 John Speak.

Local Vegetables

Best Kept Vegetable Garden: 1 David Birkett 2 Tim Wingate 3 Mr & Mrs Hutchinson; Any Other Vegetable: 1, 2 & 3 David Birkett ; Four Potatoes -coloured: 1 John Speak Four Potatoes - white: 1 David Birkett 2 David Birkett 3 Chris Townsend; Three Carrots: 1 John Speak; Three Beetroot: 1 David Birkett 2 John Speak 3 David Birkett.

Six Pods Kidney Beans: 1 John Speak; Six Pods Runner Beans: 1 M & C Hutchinson 2 M Robertshaw; Three Onions: 1 David Birkett 2 Barry Goodley 3 Barry Goodley; Six Onions under 250g: 1 Barry Goodley 2 John Speak; Six Shallots: 1 John Speak 2 David Birkett; Three Courgettes: 1 Martin Robertshaw.

Two Leeks: 1 David Birkett 2 & 3 Barry Goodley; One Marrow: 1 David Birkett 2 &3 John Speak; One Cucumber: 1 & 2 Barry Goodley 3 John Speak; Two Peppers: 1 Barry Goodley; Four Tomatoes: 1 M & C Hutchinson 2 & 3 John Speak; Three Stalks Rhubarb: 1 David Birkett 2 David Birkett 3 John Speak; Three Red Onions: 1 Barry Goodley

Open Flowers & Pot Plants

Six Fuchsia heads - single: 1 John Speak 2 D Fishwick & D Carr 3 John Speak; Six Fuchsia heads - double: 1 John Speak 2 Margaret Western 3 A & O Western; Fern Plant: 1 Louise Belcher 2 Sue Williamson; Cactus: 1 Alan Brown 2 Alan Brown; Succulent 1: John Speak 2 Louise Belcher 3 Alan Brown.

Other Flowering Plant: 1 John Speak 2 Isobel Braid 3 Jan Harker; Foliage Plant: 1 Isobel Braid 2 June Langan 3 John Speak; Vase Mixed Flowers: 1 Margaret Western; Six Pansies: 1 June Langan 2 D Fishwick & D Carr 3 Margaret Western; Twelve

Sweet Peas 1, 2 & 3: D Fishwick & D Carr; Three Gladioli: 1 Malcolm Bristow Three Gladioli; Flower Heads: 1 D Fishwick & D Carr 2 Malcolm Bristow 3 Margaret Western; Three Dahlias: Med 1 David Fishwick and D Carr 2 & 3 David Woodhouse; Three Dahlias Small: 1 A & O Western 2 D Fishwick & D Carr 3 D Woodhouse; Three Dahlias Small/Medium: 1 D Woodhouse 2 A & O Western 3 D Woodhouse; Three 
Dahlias Ball: 1 & 2 D Woodhouse 3 Malcolm Bristow.

Five Dahlias Mixed 1 A & O Western 2 D Woodhouse 3 M Bristow; Five Dahlias Pom Pom: 1 John Speak 2 D Fishwick & D Carr 3 John Speak; Five Asters: 1 M Western; One Large/Giant Dahlia: 1 & 2 D Woodhouse 3 D Fishwick & D Carr; Five Marigolds: 1 & 2 Sue Williamson 3 D Fishwick & D Carr; Twelve Stems Perennial: 1 Margaret Western; Twelve Stems Annual: 1 Margaret Western.

Three Large Roses: 1 John Speak; One Large Rose: 1 John Speak; Gents Rose Button Hole: 1 June Langan 2 Gillian Booth; Ladies Rose Spray: 1 Gillian Booth Overton Top Vase: 1 Malcolm Bristow 2 June Langan 3 Sue Williamson.

Open Vegetables

Overton Top Tray: 1 Brian Noon 2 A & O Western 3 Alan Brown; Five Potatoes - coloured: 1 Alan Brown 2 June Langan 3 John Speak; Five Potatoes - white 1 & 2 Brian Noon; Three Carrots: 1 Brian Noon; Vase of Herbs: 1 Sarah Molloy 2 Sue Williamson 3 June Langan.

Three Leeks: 1 A & O Western 2 Brian Noon 3 Barry Goodley; Six Onions - large: 1 Brian Noon 2 Alan Brown; Nine Shallots: 1 & 2 Brian Noon; Six Onions - small: 1 & 2 Brian Noon; Three Courgettes: 1 & 2 Alan Brown; Three Beetroots: 1 John Speak 2 A & O Western; Four Tomatoes: 1 M & C Hutchinson 2 John Speak 3 Margaret Western; One Truss Tomatoes: 1 Alan Brown 2 John Speak 3 M & C Hutchinson.

One Cucumber: 1 John Speak 2 Alan Brown; Three Swedes: 1 Brian Noon 2 June Langan; Six Pods Peas: 1 Brian Noon 2 A & O Western; Six Pods Kidney Beans: 1 & 2 Brian Noon 3 A & O Western; Six Pods Runner Beans: 1 & 2 Brian Noon 3 John Speak; One Marrow 1 & 2 Brian Noon; Two Parsnips: 1 Brian Noon 2 June Langan.

Any Other Vegetable: 1 Alan Brown 2 Louise Belcher; Vegetable Disaster: 1 June Langan 2 Alan Brown; Plate of Fruit: 1 Phillip Rawsthorn 2 Alan Brown 3 John Speak.

Open Handicraft

Painting: 1 Gillian Booth 2 Isobel Braid 3 Sue Williamson; Cross Stitch: 1 Susan Gormley; Clothing: 1 Kath Walsh 2 Susan Gormley; Knitting 1 Susan Gormley 2 Lesley Casson 3 Susan Gormley; Home-made Card: 1 Ann Brown 2 & 3 Susan Gormley;

Home-made toy: 1 Susan Gormley 2 Lesley Casson 3 Susan Gormley; Any Other Handicraft: 1 David Birkett 2 Gillian Booth 3 Andrew Walsh.

Open Cookery

Four Sweet Biscuits: 1 Susan Gormley 2 Jean Dickinson; Three Fruit Scones: 1 Susan Gormley 2 Lesley Casson 3 Jean Dickinson; Fruit Cake: 1 Susan Gormley 2 Kath Walsh; Swiss Roll 1 Lesley Casson 2 Sarah Molloy; Iced & Filled Chocolate Cake: 1 Susan Gormley 2 Abby Blezard 3 Hannah McDonagh; Round Shortbread: 1 Judith Brown 2 Lynn Molloy.

Home- made Bread: 1 Jan Scott 2 Helen Rawsthorn; Gingerbread: 1 Susan Gormley 2 June Clarkson 3 Abby Blezard; Four pieces Tray Bake: 1 Susan Gormley 2 Lesley Casson 3 Abby Blezard; Plate Fruit Pie: 1 Hannah McDonagh 2 Lesley Casson 3 Gillian Booth; Decorated Novelty Cake: 1 Hannah McDonagh; Royal Victoria Sandwich: 1 Kath Walsh 2 Hannah McDonagh 3 Lynn Molloy; Four Decorated Cup Cakes: 1 Susan Gormley 2 Hannah McDonagh; Savoury Quiche: 1 Lesley Casson 2 Kath Walsh 3 June Clarkson; Jar Strawberry/Raspberry Jam: 1 & 2 Kate Bargh 3 Jan Harker.

Jam - other: 1 June Clarkson 2 Kate Bargh 3 Karen Wingate; One Jar Chutney: 1 June Clarkson 2 Karen Wingate 3 Louie Belcher; One Jar Pickles; 1Abby Blezard 2 Kate Bargh 3 Jan Harker; One Jar Lemon Curd: 1 Sue Williamson 2 Kate Bargh; One Jar Jelly: 1 Abby Blezard 2 Kate Bargh 3 Karen Wingate.

Open Photography

Four Seasons: 1 Judith Brown 2 Alan Morgans 3 Margaret Taylor; Playtime: 1 David Leatham 2 Alan Morgans 3 Janet Morgans; Humorous: 1 & 2 Alan Morgans 3 Margaret Taylor; Gate/gates: 1 Janet Morgans 2 Alan Morgans 3 David Leatham; Any Subject: 1 Margaret Taylor 2 Alan Morgans 3 D Leatham.

Open - Children

Character: 1 Alfie McNeill 2 Finlay Smith 3 Thomas Smith; Clothing/needlework 1 Saffron Leatham; Four Small Cakes: 1 Ryan Brown Four Biscuits/cookies: Highly Commended Ryan Brown; Bookmark: 1 Zara-Jane Perry 2 Christopher Perry 3 Alfie McNeill.

Painted Stone/Paper Weight: 1 Saffron Leatham 2 Zara-Jane Perry 3 Christopher Perry;Handicraft 1 Will Birkett 2 Zara-Jane Perry 3 Sam Leatham; Small Vase Wild/Garden Flowers: 1 Ryan Brown 2 Katie McNeill; Miniature Garden: 1 Elisha Durkin 2 Zara-Jane Perry.

Special Awards 2014

Westmorland & North Lancs Federation Horticultural Society Blue Ribbon - Best entry in flowers or vegetables - A & O Western; President’s Challenge Cup - Most points local exhibitor flowers & Vegetables: John Speak; Harry Whiteside Cup - Best local roses: John Speak; Joe Knipe Cup - Most points local veg: David Birkett.

Horticultural Cup - Most points open flowers: John Speak; Horticultural Cup Most points open veg: Brian Noon; Mrs S Gardiner Trophy - Most points handicraft - Susan Gormley; The Chairman’s Ruby Cup -Most points cookery - Susan Gormley; Geoffrey Knowles Cup - Best single rose - John Speak; Small Onion Trophy - Barry Goodley.

Large Onion Trophy: David Birkett; Horticultural Cup - Most points Children’s exhibits: Zara-Jane Perry; Edith Rose Trophy - Best exhibit cookery or handicraft: Susan Gormley; Preserves Trophy - Most points preserve classes: Kate Bargh; Best Kept Garden - Flowers: Mrs June Clarkson;

Best Display Hanging Baskets & Containers: Ken Fox; Best Kept Garden - Vegetables: David Birkett; Photography Trophy - Alan Morgans.


John Leach

The workshops, for the Kenyan Project...into Africa, start once again for the winter season on Tuesday, September 16.

The venue will be the Memorial Hall, Slyne-with-Hest from 1:30pm until 3:30pm. The ladies of the group will be pleased to welcome anyone who is interested to learn more about their work.

They make new clothes for abandoned and orphaned children from birth to 14 years old, boys and girls. They originally sent them to Kenya but now they are able to send aid out to other countries in Africa.

Some of their garments, sewn, knitted and crochet work, will be on display along with a pictorial record of the development of the project over the last three years.

Their next big assignment is due for Malawi, Glad Tidings Orphanage Care, which will travel by container in November.

The workshops are held the first and third Tuesday in the month at the Memorial Hall, always from 1:30pm until 3:30pm during term time.

For more information contact Susan 01524 823928.

There were two dozen people at the United Reformed Church barbeque on the last Sunday of August, where they enjoyed each other’s company as well as the scrumptious food.

The younger and smaller people enjoyed the divertissement of searching for and subsequently smashing the “dragons’ eggs” that had been hidden around the tennis and the bowling clubs.

The act of smashing the eggs was so popular that extra supplies of fresh eggs had to be brought-in. The next community coffee morning will be on Saturday, September 7, from 10am until noon in the Memorial Hall.

This will provide an opportunity to socialise, buy delicious cakes and purchase diverse craft items and greetings card besides making use of the community 


Carol Millar

Warton Garden and Craft Show takes place on Saturday, September 6 in the Church Hall on Main Street. Judging of 20 different categories will take place in the morning.

The doors open from 1pm to 4pm for the public and there will be garden items for sale as well as cakes, tea and coffee.

Warton Gardening club has its’ first meeting after the summer break on Wednesday, September 10, when Tom Attwood of Abi and Tom’s Garden Plants will be talking on “The restoration of the nursery at Halecat.” It starts at 7.30pm in Warton Village Hall. Free to members and £3 to visitors.

The next free car wash, with coffee shop and cake stall, at Warton Methodist Church, will be on Saturday, September 6.

Warton Arts and Crafts group new sessions start again after the summer break on Friday September 5, at 2pm in the Church Hall. A very warm welcome will be given to any new members.

There is always help on hand for members. Further details from Donald Nield 01524 736201.

Warton Crag Women’s Institute will be given a talk on “Morecambe Bay under the Sea” by Gordon Fletcher at their next meeting. 7.30pm in the Village Hall on Thursday, September 18.

All welcome to this meeting. Membership details from Hilary on 01524